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Summary for week of 12/15

Days of Our Lives: Nicole accuses Brady of lying to her about his claim that Kelly is a scam artist. Kelly acknowledges the scam, reveals she's not pregnant and takes off. Brady doesn't understand how the street-smart Nicole he used to know could be taken in by a scam artist. A devastated Nicole admits she was blinded by her desire to make EJ happy by giving him a baby. Brady warns her that she needs to tell EJ the truth before he finds out another way. Nicole tells Brady she's going to get a baby, with or without his help. Sami worries about where Rafe is, unaware that he's fighting off the mayor's killer, who has stabbed him. Rafe manages to scare off the killer and collapses once he returns to the secret loft. Sami is forced to stitch Rafe's wound. He gets drunk and blurts that Sami is an idiot for loving a guy like EJ, who doesn't love her. Bo is knocked unconscious from his fall off the ladder. At the hospital, Kayla diagnoses a mild concussion. Bo has a flash of the fallen Christmas tree star's location, later revealing the location to Hope when she goes looking for it. He has another flash to hearing a child scream.

Sneak Peek: EJ presses Nicole for the truth.

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