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Dec 15 2008, 09:11 PM
Dec 15 2008, 08:39 PM
Dec 15 2008, 08:06 PM
I have a question for those that think fanbases shouldn't want what they want (meaning a decent story for their couple, and like it or not, for over 20 years Days was a soap for couples (maybe not anymore))..... if you like the show regardless of who is on and what stories are told, why are fanbases a problem? Days had quite a stong audience in the 90's, early 2000's and had vocal fanbases then too.
Again, no one is saying that.

I don't hate all people who love a couple or character. I hate the rabid psychopaths who want their couple 24/7 and think the show lives and dies on that one couple. I don't like the people who think the show always has to cave to them because their wants and needs are superior to the rest of the audience. That bothers me and I won't even say it's hate as much as frustrating.

I'm not accusing anyone of doing that here. I understand where many of you are coming from because you are losing your faves. However, what I was trying to emphasize was the other side of the issue. A bulk of the audience is not interested in some of the things you and other J&M fans are. There is more to Days then just J&M for some of us and some of us watch for the whole show. I also emphasizing how the whole picture has to be acknowledged. It's not as black and white as Higley being to blame or not understanding the fans or whatever. As has been well documented, there are clashes all the time and, in this day and age, a HW has to struggle to get there vision across unlike in the past. It's not that easy and that is the difference between now and the 90/early 2000's. The writer has interference to deal with but not so much that most of their vision could not get onscreen. Not to mention fans were more patient and willing to give things a chance. Not saying fans are not justified in their lack of faith but some do condemn just because of who is writing or based on vague spoilers. We are in an era where people want what they want now. They are not willing to wait. You also have so many fans with different wants and needs that it's hard to please everyone yet Corday tries and the result is watered down show. He is constantly changing stories because he panics when he sees some fans threatening a boycott. The problem is Days has had so many different writers over the past 20 years that everyone wants different types of stories and characters and you can't satisfy them all. The sad part is Corday doesn't listen to the right fans. He listens to the irrational ones and that is why he makes most of the stupid decisions he does.
I totally get that. I watch for J&M and I realize others are general fans. I try not to speak in broad terms or make it seem that what I want is what everyone else wants, but I think my voice is just as valid as anyone elses. I think if you are a fan of a certain couple or characters, you just want something that honours them. If they have been written with a history or a set of values, when that is taken away for a plot point, ya, I'm going to notice. And just for the record, lol, I think Corday listened to the wrong people when he fired J&M, lol.
And that is fair. You have the right to speak up and those that post like you do are not the problem. Your being rational and sensible but some out there are not like that and those are who I have the problem with.
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