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Where has LeAnne been? I haven't seen her on the show lately. I wonder if she'll be on the Christmas show?
I think the reason we haven't been seeing Leann as much as we have Tony is beacuse she's on a recurring basis, meaning they have to pay her per episode. Since she's not involved in anything righ tnow, they probably think it's pointless and a waste of money to bring her on for an episode and pay her when they can just use someone on contract and save money.

Thaoo is filming alot right now but LeAnn is not at all. We will seeing Tony a fair amount in the next few weeks. It's actually making me wish they just kill Anna off. I love her and I realize Tanna has fans but it would create huge story for Tony and maybe turn him a bit toward the dark side. They could have him conflicted over that. Either that or just break them up or something. I think they want to use Tony but Anna sort of holds them back. It's just the sense I get for some reason. I do feel bad for both of them though.
I couldn't disagree more. Anna is an awesome character on her own. The Tanna fans already have been screwed over with no air time, a lame engagement, and no wedding. They could have Anna kidnapped or something, that would still bring out Tony's dark side.

Even though Carrie's last return was awful, I would love to finally see adult Carrie with her mom.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I love LeAnn and Tanna. I would just rather she be gone instead of just out there not being used. At least there would be some closure in that regard. That's my point. If they use her, great. I would be willing to accept seeing her at least once a month just to know she was still there. It just seems like, especially lately, they want to use Tony but they can't find a way to use him and Anna.

I'd rather they fire almost everyone under 30 and use Leann. She's an Emmy winner, they should find something for her. I still don't get why she hasn't even visited Kate in the hospital. I would have preferred that over Chloe and Dan slobbering over each other.

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