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Dec 15 2008, 09:05 PM
Dec 15 2008, 08:52 PM
Dec 14 2008, 05:42 PM
It's actually less expensive to keep him on recurring and pay him per show, as opposed to guaranteeing him a certain number of episodes every week, and then having to pay him even if they don't use him. That's why so many front-burner characters on soaps these days are non-contract.
you dont know what the financial stipulations of the contract are. It could be a flat weekly rate that could end up being cheaper than paying for each show for all we know. People seem to be making alot of assumptions like they know everything about how the biz works when they really dont, and its getting silly. Including that just because he's ordered a certain way in the show's credits he even has a contract. Days has made many fuck ups with its cast list, its not like we even have show or mag confirmation of this contract, its compensation, or its length.
I agree I have no idea how all this works, but I thought this was confirmed. I don't know who really knows anything, but do we know if the rate is per episode?

It seems to me that whether recurring or not, if you could use a person already on contract vs. having another two people on contract, that using the one person well would be cheaper than having three people on contract. Assuming that the one person could handle everything.

Hypothetically using Kayla as an example. If Kayla could take the place of both doctors, would it not be cheaper to use her, especially if these roles don't require a lot of screen time per ep so she could cover both functions in the same episode? I can't imagine Nicole being on the screen with the doctor a long time in any given ep except for maybe a big final confrontation. Similarly, having Kayla in an episode with J&M would add layers to the scenes anyway.

If they are hiring new characters because they want to replace the old with the young, that's a different issue. In that case, all the vets except Bope may be gone. But assuming they do want to make better use of the vets, shouldn't they be trying to write stories to incorporate them into the stories vs. just grabbing people for key roles?

I feel like these writers are just lazy, not wanting to fool with building relationships, tying stories together or just not competent enough to handle threading stories (I actually don't think they can handle one story well, so I think its at least incompetence, maybe incompetence and laziness).

And for the record, I'm not against any actor personally. I'm speaking from a budget issue. It just seems like they'd rather give stories to Payla, Tanna, Bope if they fit over a random newcomer that is a throway who is only going to be on a few months. Obviously I wouldn't make Bo a serial killer, but if there was need for a cop, I'd use Bo, Hope, Roman, Abe, or Steve if I could vs. writing in an out of state cop. I always loved the relationships on the show. I can think of so many regulars that I'd have preferred to help John, not from dislike of Charlotte but because I'd like those relationships restored before they go. Abe used to be John's good friend. He knew Lexie from her early days on the force when he was her commander. I'd have loved for Lexie and Abe to have tried to help John. It would have been so easy for her to stumble upon Stefano's pawn plans, and have her face the issue of going against Stefano, perhaps enlisting EJ or Tony, anything that brought people together. So many ways this could have been an exciting story vs. yet another triangle-ish story. I honestly don't mind the character of Charlotte, but I dislike that she's replacing a character who has history with John and Marlena that I'd like to see more given the short time we have.

I guess I'm still frustrated that I can think of so many ways they could get John and Marlena together and involve core characters, and they bring in an outsider because the writers don't seem to understand anything that isn't a triangle. I guess the crux of the matter is are they trying to replace the vets or do they really want to use them. Given the state of NBC and what we're seeing, it seems like the direction is replacing them all, and soaps just not being what they once were. I just need to learn to accept it vs. wish for something that isn't going to happen.
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