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My top 10 favorite Melrose moments (and damn if it's not hard to narrow it down to just 10!):

10. Peter throws Michael through a window. (Season 5)

9. Sydney faints when she sees Kimberly is alive. (Season 2)

8. Michael and Megan falling through the roof onto Amanda's bed. (Season 7)

7. Kimberly is revealed to be alive and watching Michael and Sydney from the beach. (Season 2)

6. Jake beats up Jess at the construction site and they fall off the building. (Season 3)

5. Jo punches Kimberly at the hospital. (Season 3)

4. Kimberly removing the wig. (Season 2)

3. Jane and Sydney's catfight in the pool. (Season 2)

2. Kimberly blowing up the apartment building (Season 4)

1. Amanda taking her job as President of D&D back from Alison and then firing her. (Season 3) (yes, I like this even better than Melrose blowing up, LoL. it's so much more satisfying!)
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