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Best Show Ever!!!!!!

My favorite storylines (Didn't care much for alot after Season 4....

10. Amanda/Peter/Bobby/Alicia quad.
9. Jane/Chris/Syd. I loved Chris creepy pickup lines at Syd and how everyone refused to believe Syd.
8. Jo shooting Reed on the boat.
7. Alison's drinking problem. Drunken Alison was so much better.
6. Brooke's death.
5. Kimberly/Besty, Peter, Amanda & Michael in the nut house.
4. Syd/Jane "killing" Richard.
3. Kimberly stealing Jo's baby. Jo punching out Kimberly was amazing.
2. Kimberly blowing up Melrose.
1. Amanda/Alison rivalry. The show lost it's touch when they became civil to eachother. The constant battle over D&D was must see.

My Top 5 characters would be Sydney, Kimberly, Amanda, Jo & Alison.

Hated Jane, Billy & Sam with a passion!!!!
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