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Dec 16 2008, 02:14 AM
Maybe they simply werenīt needed? Like it or not Bope are more universal couple than Jarlena. Jarlena have their hardcore fans but also a lot of haters. Bope are universally liked by almost everyone and they work perfectly as the only happy, bantering, stable couple on the show. Friday, Monday being great example.

Their fans are also much less demanding.

There is really no story for Jarlena after Johnīs memory returns, everybody knows it. Thatīs why they tried build more and more obstacles in this Jawn story. Even Drake said again and again the last thing he wants is John to remember anytime soon or turn into the old John again because the boredoom of the old Jarlena was the exact reason why he was fired the first time.

As usual, fans sabotaged it, demanding the happy ending here and now. Even if Jarlena stayed, I already see fans would hate even this newest story with Dr. Taylor, so why even bother? I seriously doubt there even is a story Jarlena fans could be happy about.

Bope are a more universal couple? Bope are universally liked? Where did you come up with that one? I would strongly disagree with both of those statements. I find most fans are rather apathetic about Bope. They're simply fail to stir strong emotions either way.

There is really no story for J&M? Why, because you say so? Again, I would strongly disagree with that statement. What makes Bope so much more viable than J&M? What storyline could they possibly have? Pyschic Bo? Oh yeah, that's a winner.

What exactly did the fans sabotage? From where I sit there wasn't much there to begin with and the real saboteur is Higley and her inability to write. You would be seriously wrong in your assumptions.
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