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Dec 16 2008, 03:20 AM
I have seen some of you gripe about the negativity on the boards and how you all love Days and are so understanding of TPTB circumstance. My question is why are you all bending yourselves into pretzel-like figures trying to be sympathetic to the power structure at Days but seem so willing to through two actors, who no matter what your opinion of their characters have shown clear love for this showfor 20 and 30 years?

While J&M fans certainly have a bias and we love our fav's your seemingly objective opinions about how Ken and company had no choice and are in a precarious situation comes off as the polar opposite bias. And when these "understanding" opinions come from clear Dee and Drake or J&M haters, it just seems more obvious. But I guess you alll will really love this crapfest after January and I will be glad that Days will nt have my fav's to completely destroy anymore. We will leave you with the wonderful stories of Days like whiny Melanie, Sleazy Dr. Dan, and the Salem mattress that is Chloe because they are clearly going to save this show the way that the vets cannot.
It's not bias and, again, the problem is not negativity. The problem is for some it's just about J&M getting axed and treated unfairly and there is no looking at the big picture. Should J&M fans be happy? No. I think what I, Jane, and some are saying is that there is more to it then Corday and co simply saying they don't like J&M and they are sending them away. There is no way the guy would've done this if he felt he didn't have to. Corday may be a stupid, incompetent lout but if there is one thing he has done it's try to maintain the veteran core of Days in an era where vets have been cut left and right at other shows. Look at GH. Where are the Q's? Gone. Y&R all but cleared out the Abbott's until recently. GL dispersed most of their vets. Many shows you tune into now have less recognizable faces and Days has been lucky enough to avoid that and that has alot to do with how the budget got out of control. Some of these salaries and cuts should've been made already.

J&M fans have a right to be upset. That isn't the problem. The problem is many seem to think the situation is black and white when there is more to it then that. There were many factors and maybe the pain is still raw and that is why some don't recognize them or maybe when your fave is leaving, you will never recognize it because your too hurt by what is happening and that is fine. Again, no one is saying J&M fans don't have a right to speak up or complain. It's just the idea that they were let go for malicious reasons other then having to do this to save the show that is the point lost in all this, at least that is my view of it. I don't expect J&M fans to feel any better about their couple leaving to save the show. I just think that the big picture needs to be acknowledged.
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