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There is really no story for Jarlena after John´s memory returns, everybody knows it.
Not me.

I will never accept the argument that there is "no story" for any character, even the characters I dislike or find boring. I think a creative writer (which Dena Higley is not) is able to tell a story for anyone. There is no end to the creativity of the fanfic writers nor to the creativity expressed in some threads on message boards. Yet there is somehow a finite number of stories that can be told on the show? Should we then say that there is a finite number of novels that can be written? Soap writers are authors, and I think there will always be stories that can be told.

As usual, fans sabotaged it, demanding the happy ending here and now.
lol what did we do?? (If you have tips on how to sabotage the current story, I'm all ears!)
Well, if you look at fan fictions, the ones that are written by die hard J&M fans focus on nothing but J&M and them being in love while fan fictions from others that focus on Days, in general, vastly differ, In fact, you will find that in many fan fictions J&M are either split up or off the canvas, unless it's a J&M fan fiction. Why? Because it does get tired after awhile. Until your a writer, you can't realize it and I know it's hard to imagine as fans of them. I never realized either until I began writing. Yes, there is more story to tell but in fan fictions you don't have limits. There is no budget or interference. You cut who you want and what what you want. Having said that, you still reach a point with some characters where you feel you have nothing left for them and have to write them out. It happens and Jane is right and not just about this J&M story. I won't go into the reasons because this debate has been had before.
I love these generalizations about all John and Marlena die-hard fans. I just read a fan fiction that was nicely balanced with all the Bradys and Stefano. John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Stefano were the core, but it had wonderful scenes for so many of the characters, not just John and Marlena. I truly loved it. I could easily see this written as a storyline in Days. I'd love for it to be.

I guess it's not only the Days writers who think good stories have to have a triangle. To me, it's sadder that creativity and good storytelling are becoming a lost art. I wasn't against Charlotte, but honestly triangles get old. And you're acting like this was all changed for J&M fans, when most of the J&M fans I know were very excited about Marlena and Kayla going up against Stefano and Rolf to get John's brain fixed before Stefano either turned John back into the pawn or he died. I see nothing but potential stories for J&M, furthermore, I see the potential in the context of family and friends, real stories. I prefer character/relationship development over these little cubbyholes of couples who just rotate partners.

If a couple is boring once they are together, are you saying they should either be the non-stop triangles we see now or that once a couple gets together, they should just exit them immediately because there are no stories for a happy couple?
Maybe it is a generalization but it's what I have observed. That isn't to say there isn't any good ones out there but I'm basing on what I have seen. That is all I can really do. I'm sure there are some balanced ones out there but, again, what works in those fan fictions may not work onscreen or ever get to the screen.

The Days audience is not easy to get a read on. You have couple fans, character fans, fans of camp, fans of romance, fans of gothic, fans of serious and character-driven, and young fans who watch for various reasons. Not to mention, you have a EP who panics and screws with stories and a network who wants you gone the minute they can replace you. A network that wanted you gone when you were still #2 in the ratings. Even if you get a new writer, the same problems will exist. The new writer will get their stuff on for about 3 months. Some fans will get mad, Corday will panic, and more fans will get mad. He will panic again and the circle of inconsistent story and dropped stories will continue, angering even more fans as he tries in his impossible task to please everyone. The writer will get crucified by fans when he or she is not the pivotal person responsible. It's sad how predictable it is but it's the truth. No matter who writes, the creativity will be sucked out the window in the long term as long as Corday is involved. The best years and times the show had were before his time began as EP and when he was not permitted to interfere because he had strong EPs like Rabin, Langan, etc to keep him out of stories and the writing.

I'm also not saying there has to be triangles. I feel the vet couples are beyond that and felt J&M was too until nuJohn arrived. Now you can play that because of the potential nuJohn brought along. I don't even think Charlotte was to be in a triangle with them. Hell, Sandra herself said it was only supposed to be for a few episodes initially. All interest has been on John's end and it's came off as a way to make Marlena jealous. Charlotte is just a catalyst and while I understand J&M fans being upset about that, I think it's better this way but I see the point of J&M fans who wanted Marlena to do it because of the history. We will just have to disagree on that.

When a couple is together and happy, there are stories you can tell but the issue with Days is that many of those stories are not embraced by many. Social issues stories, health-related stories, and others of that nature are found to be boring by many. I would love a story about Marlena's career that causes conflict for J&M but I know some would hate that because it's too realistic and serious. I think as a writer you have to go with what you feel most of the audience will accept. You have to try to please the most people you can. You can't please everyone though. I think if you can't come up with anything you think will work for the characters or couple at the moment or that a good part of the audience won't embrace or give a chance then you have to either move the characters or couple into a supporting role for awhile or for good or just write them out short-term or long-term. Otherwise, you tell a repetitive story or force a story and it never comes out well.

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