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Dec 16 2008, 09:15 AM
Dec 16 2008, 03:10 AM
Well, if you look at fan fictions, the ones that are written by die hard J&M fans focus on nothing but J&M and them being in love while fan fictions from others that focus on Days, in general, vastly differ, In fact, you will find that in many fan fictions J&M are either split up or off the canvas, unless it's a J&M fan fiction. Why? Because it does get tired after awhile. Until your a writer, you can't realize it and I know it's hard to imagine as fans of them. I never realized either until I began writing. Yes, there is more story to tell but in fan fictions you don't have limits. There is no budget or interference. You cut who you want and what what you want. Having said that, you still reach a point with some characters where you feel you have nothing left for them and have to write them out. It happens and Jane is right and not just about this J&M story. I won't go into the reasons because this debate has been had before.
If you take a look at any fan fiction written by diehard fans of any couple or character, guess what you’ll find? The exact same thing! Trying to lay that solely at the feet of J&M fans is freakin’ hilarious. If I go to a site that in it’s heading states that it features fan fiction for a particular couple or character any reasonable person would expect to find most of the fiction there that centers around the said character or couple. Trying to lump “character/couple” fan fiction in with “general” fan fictions is like trying to compare apples and oranges. And guess what? Those “general” fan fictions more often than not aren't so pristine. More often than not, it quickly becomes apparent which characters the author favors and which ones they don’t, all under the guise of being “general”.

Funny, that most of J&M fan fiction I’ve read wouldn’t break the budget. There aren’t any big explosions, special effects or location shoots required. The stories are primarily character driven and are about interactions. Any “limitations” you claim could easily be reworked by a writer worth their salt. Having been a writer now for many years I find that it makes it much easier to detect a poser, they stand out like glaring, sore thumbs.
I wasn't laying the blame at only J&M fans. Just making the point that fan fictions don't have the samw issues to confront as the real show. There is no backstage issues like EP interference or budget, there is no disloyal network, etc. As a writer, you write what you want for who you want. You have creative freedom. Writers today don't have that. Most of the time it's not even about the fans. The network wants to please advertisers so they need the demos and order shows to do what it takes it bring demos up. Corday has to deal with that push. As I outlined in my posts above, no matter who writes, the situation will be the same with Corday there and all the other reasons in place. It's not going to change. Does that mean you keep Higley? No. It also doesn't mean fans can't complain and want better. It's just stating the facts of the situation since they should be acknowledged in this.

Your right that most J&M fan fictions may not break the budget but do you think fans would embrace alot of that? Maybe some but not everyone wants to see romance all the time or the supercouples doing the same thing they did 20 years ago only with as slightly different premise. Again, the real show has to try to go with what the audience as a whole may like and Days has so many different fans out there, that is a difficult task to accomplish.

As for the point about Bope, they are a Brady and a Horton and no matter who writes, they always seem to get material, even if they are supporting. Not to mention, I don't see many Bope haters at all online or in public. I do see J&M ones and S&K ones, among others. This is not a comparison between Bope and J&M. It's just an observation that less people out there seem to have a problem with Bope then with other couples. That may not be true but it's an observation, one that I agree with too based on what I've seen.
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