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Dec 16 2008, 08:49 AM
Dec 15 2008, 10:28 PM
Kyrai, you make some good points and bring up a few things that I was disappointed in. There was so much potential for some sort of Dimera story involving many characters. The problem was, most of them (not all) were vets. Which brings me to you last paragraph....I think it is the later...they really don't want to use the vets.

And has Abe had any scenes where he tried to reach out to John? That would have been in character, or asked Marlena if there was anything he could do? Maybe not initially, but later. Those three were always so close. John should have evolved, just by things he did. Bo, Hope, Abe, Lexie...his closest friends really didn't give him a chance and the writers didn't let him bond, even in a small way with anyone from his past (except Marlena, but very reluctantly and not in an endearing way). Now they are wrapping it up in a few weeks just by talking to a Dr. I would have liked to have seen him change by having others just notice when he did something unJawn like. His changes are all happening off screen and we are only seeing the end result. And I don't mean his sessions with the Dr., lol. I mean when John makes choices in his life and people that used to know him, notice the changes. It could have been good.
Thank you Hops! I think you get exactly what I'm trying to say.

I have no frustrations with new characters. I'm frustrated with seeing so many opportunities with existing characters that just aren't used. They've isolated John and Marlena all year when their friends should have been a part of this struggle. It's like all that history is just gone. One of my favorite scenes this year was Bo keeping John from killing himself. I've always loved Bo and John. Despite not remembering, John was at the hospital when Bo was at risk. It felt like deep down, John felt that core tie. Then suddenly a switch was thrown, and everyone in town just hated John. After all we went thru, the Hollingsworth story was basically just dropped. The ending was so contrived and unsatisfying. There was so much more it could have been with John/Vic/Phillip/Bo. I wanted to see the Kiriakis family as grey again. Now we have Phillip flirting in the office instead of being a businessman. Where was the 'everything isn't what it seems' angle with John? It was alluded to in spoilers. John told Kayla everything wasn't as it seemed. It just seemed dropped.

We didn't even get a scene for why Caroline hated John. She just glared at him as he ordered food. I have to assume she heard he was a drug dealer and turnd on him. She loved him like a son before this, and he's returned from the dead. Yet, she turns on him, and we don't even get an explanatory scene? She was always one to talk to family. Abe has just always been there for John, Bo, Marlena, everyone, through thick and thin. He's always seen both sides for his friends. He just suddenly disliked him, and we never even see interaction at all. She's upset over the mayor, but wouldn't Lexie be upset over what Stefano did to John? We're finally getting some good Lexie, but we should have had it all year. It's not that I'm upset with what was written. I'm upset with all that hasn't been written that should have been.

Its easy to just say J&M fans are never satisfied, but I think we have so many legitimate issues with this story, but no we're lumped in as crazy fans who want J&M 24/7. Hello!! I want Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla and Abe and Lexie interacting with J&M. I don't want just J&M. I want a good story for all.

I think I look at stories and think, wouldn't this be great for so and so here. What a great tie-in this is. And the writers write a story for a character and think, who can we hire. It's just frustrating.

Ok...no one lumped you in with psycho fans LOL.

In fact, just for the record, I'm sure none of us were speaking directly at anyone here. I know I've made that clear in my posts too.

I understand what your saying (don't agree but whatever) but I just wanted to clarify.
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