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Dec 16 2008, 09:45 AM
Dec 16 2008, 09:04 AM
Dec 15 2008, 08:06 PM
I have a question for those that think fanbases shouldn't want what they want (meaning a decent story for their couple, and like it or not, for over 20 years Days was a soap for couples (maybe not anymore))..... if you like the show regardless of who is on and what stories are told, why are fanbases a problem? Days had quite a stong audience in the 90's, early 2000's and had vocal fanbases then too.
Fanbases are a given on any show and there will always be those who watch for only certain aspects of any given show, myself included. There are a few shows that I only watch for one component and if that's not there in an episode, I may not watch.

However, fanbases are very complex because even within a fanbase there are conflicting preferences and wants so just who is Corday or any producer supposed to listen to and how is that decision supposed to be made?

What should drive a show is the vision of the writers and producers, not demands from the fans but said writers and producers should be aware of comments being made but don't mistake that as my saying they should do what the viewers are demanding. I've always believed that fans will put up with a lot, even separation for their favs if the story is good but the problem with Days is that the stories aren't good, they are okay but a far cry from what I believe is the show's potential. The show currently lacks vision which is why so many characters have constantly changing personalities and histories. Higley tells her stories but they don't tie into a vision for the show on the much larger picture.

Exactly. The writers and tptb should have and follow their vision.

The stories should make fans excited and invested. We should want to root for our characters. We should argue because we care. What one fan wants, another doesn't. It's human nature. You want people to care. The problem is the stories are just not good.

No one is making tptb do anything. They are the only ones with the power to shape the show. Blaming the fans is a copout on poor management and poor writing.

No, no one is but fans do influence it, more then they realize.

Again, not accusing you or anyone here, but Corday listens to the rabid fans and panics because he has this insane thought that he must please everyone, which is impossible. That is when he goes into interfering mode and heaven help a writer if the network, actors, etc get involved too. Before you know it, most of the material is more the work of others then yourself and all you did was organize it and write it.

I think many would be shocked by what goes on and how little of the blame the HW, no matter who it is, deserves. Does that mean they are not to blame? No. Not at all. They share in the blame but they are a very small part of it and I think many would see that once they knew what really goes on.
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