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Dec 16 2008, 12:08 PM
No, no one is but fans do influence it, more then they realize.

Again, not accusing you or anyone here, but Corday listens to the rabid fans and panics because he has this insane thought that he must please everyone, which is impossible. That is when he goes into interfering mode and heaven help a writer if the network, actors, etc get involved too. Before you know it, most of the material is more the work of others then yourself and all you did was organize it and write it.

I think many would be shocked by what goes on and how little of the blame the HW, no matter who it is, deserves. Does that mean they are not to blame? No. Not at all. They share in the blame but they are a very small part of it and I think many would see that once they knew what really goes on.
Please don't take this wrong, because I don't mean it negatively, but you sound like you're either related to, good friends with, or married to a writer. I really appreciate the insight, and I believe you to some extent. It's just that there are so many details left out of the stories, so much that goes against history, even recent history, that I don't see how most of this can be Corday alone. I thought Ed Scott got in trouble for rewriting stories. How can others do it without Higley being able to get the writer's guild to back her again?

I understand there are some very vocal fans, but I don't necessarily think they speak on everything for the majority. I think there are many many different types of fans in every fanbase. Regardless, I don't get why KC would be so afraid of a fanbase. Firing Drake and Deidre seems to indicate the opposite, and I love it when writers get me all mad with a story. So long as it's story, not lack of. Reacting is the worst thing he could do, and I just have trouble seeing him even caring enough to react like this.

And I'm sorry if I'm touchy about the psycho fans comment, but it seems like a lot of discussion is terminated with 'it's psycho rabid fans fault', so I feel like I'm lumped into it. I've heard some stories (not just about J&M but about other fanbases in general) and I'm appalled by some of what I've heard, but I hope it's just a few, not the majority. What a select few do has nothing to do with my comments, imo.
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