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Dec 16 2008, 02:43 PM
I'd like to know what these fans are doing that has KC so scared? Postcard campaigns? Death threats? If the writers would be putting out a good product, but for KC, finger pointing at fans shouldn't come into it at all. He's the one who's supposed to be listening to these people, and ruining things. Can anyone name one happy fanbase, though? Or one who has a glimmer of hope for their couple getting a good story anytime soon? Because I can't think of any. If Corday's plan is to please, or even placate these people, he's doing a terrible job.

Some of the ideas the writers come up with could be good, but they're the ones who aren't making them well rounded enough, and they're the ones who let things build up, then drop them off the radar without a second thought.
He reads the boards (the wrong ones, mostly NBC) and panicks if he sees people unhappy. He gets emails, letters, etc that threaten boycotts and he reacts. He just reacts too quickly or too irresponsibility instead of staying the source and committing to a consistent vision or listening to the right people. The guy is too jumpy. He tries to please everyone and you can't. Not everyone likes the same things. You have to try to please the most people you can and he can't grasp that. He needs to understand that you have to commit to a vision and, hopefully, get people to buy into it. If not, then you commit to another. You can't just continue with these kneejerk reactions that happen because a few fans get upset and you want to please them. That is why the show is a mess and why so many writers have had trouble getting their material and vision onscreen. Poor Lorraine Broderick can tell you. The woman was gone within a few episodes of her work as HW airing because of shit like this.
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