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Dec 16 2008, 11:52 AM
When a couple is together and happy, there are stories you can tell but the issue with Days is that many of those stories are not embraced by many. Social issues stories, health-related stories, and others of that nature are found to be boring by many. I would love a story about Marlena's career that causes conflict for J&M but I know some would hate that because it's too realistic and serious. I think as a writer you have to go with what you feel most of the audience will accept. You have to try to please the most people you can. You can't please everyone though. I think if you can't come up with anything you think will work for the characters or couple at the moment or that a good part of the audience won't embrace or give a chance then you have to either move the characters or couple into a supporting role for awhile or for good or just write them out short-term or long-term. Otherwise, you tell a repetitive story or force a story and it never comes out well.

I just want to go on record that I've always wanted more stories about Marlena's career. I'd love for her to be helping people as a psychiatrist again, and I think I've mentioned here how that could be used to bring in young interesting characters.

I don't see it as being boring. I think it would be interesting, and even exciting if she helped young people with problems and we got to know new people and their families, some good, some bad, some grey. I'm tired of everyone being spoiled and wealthy. John could be pulled in numerous ways as either helping, being at risk from what she's involved with, conflict over who she's helping, etc. I could see Steve and Kayla involved with their history, as well as Bo and Hope from a police perspective if things got hairy. It could help introduce Phillip, Brady, etc to new love interests. First get to know the new characters via story, then see if anything is there or not with any pairings.

Except now there is no money for it and J&M are leaving anyway. But I still like the idea.
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