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We will leave you with the wonderful stories of Days like whiny Melanie, Sleazy Dr. Dan, and the Salem mattress that is Chloe because they are clearly going to save this show the way that the vets cannot.
Because there is still so much story to tell for the abovenamed... which I guess is why Dena is rewriting Kristen's fake pregnancy for Nicole lol The storyline possibilities for the younger crowd and the newbies are supposedly endless whereas with the vets TPTB are fresh out of ideas bot because they are not creative but because there are no ideas to be had. I wonder what that says about every other new character who gets recycled storylines :rolleyes:
Just like the elevator sex was a repeat of Roman and Kate several years ago.

They are either fresh out of new ideas or full of bad ones like having Bo now become psychic or having all of the young people swapping partners like sex in the city. What fun! :shrug:
When did Roman and Kate have sex in an elevator? That never happened.

Every show recycles stories, especially soaps that have been on for 40+ years. Even the great head writers repeat stories. You can do that as long as you aren't repeating stories with the same characters and Days is not doing that. That is the big difference. It's very hard to come by an original idea in any form of the entertainment industry. Why do you think Hollywood is doing so many sequels to films rather then new, original films?

Not to mention, most of today's audience probably doesn't even remember alot of past stories since they may not have been watching as long as some of us have.
Okay not sex exactly but definitely a hot scene in the elevator. I probably was wishing for sex in my dreams as I liked Kaman together then. LOL.

Seriously though Pheonix, I think you are on the Days PR payroll because you are simply sticking up for them and their decisions good or bad, no matter what. I mean you are using fan fiction tales to prove points about a what fans want to see on the show?

Fan fiction tales are just that, a way for fans to have a hand at writing stories. The stories that fans write have nothing to do with the talent of professional writers who are paid to keep audiences tuned in. And you will of course hear some of us say that our fav fan fic writers write better than the show writers, it is just us supporting each other on J&M friendly boards.

And to compare fan fic tales of other couples to what J&M fans write is also completely out of bounds. Noone has been through what J&M have been through on air over the last 20+ years? J&M are not like other couples and I would not compare their fictional stories to each other. Who else on soaps saved the love of their life from the Devil? Who else in daytime tried to place their head on a guillotine to save their love interest? This is not in anyway putting down other couples but J&M fans have every right to make up stories for our favorite characters without people misconstruing our motives of wanting to really see our stuff on the show.

This is a prime example of what I mean by bending yourself into unreasonable positions just to try to show that you are being "objective" and TPTB deserve some understanding.

Nope, not on their payroll. Wish I was.

And how am I bending over backwards? I'm just posting on three things...what I know, what I observe, and what others may be saying. I wasn't even the one who brought up fan fictions. Someone else did in relation to the fact that fan fiction writers can come up with stuff so why can't the current writers and I made the point that it's easier when you don't have to deal with all the other BS.

I understand what your saying and it's clear this is never going to end if I keep going so this will be my past post on the matter. All I'm saying is people need to look at the whole picture and not just the one that sides with their couple. I like J&M too. Not as big a fan as I was but still a fan. I love Dee. It hurts but the fundamental difference here is I don't need them on the show. Some do and that is fine but my view is not going to be based solely on the J&M perspective and that is where we are going to differ. For some, it's going to be and that's fine but this is what people can expect out of me. I'm just posting what I know and also my opinion. It's not like I'm sitting in the Days PR office right now LOL.
LOL. They need you in the PR office because you are doing a better job defending their actions than they are. Respectfully ending the debate. :)
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