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We asked, and boy did you respond! It seems people all over the world have their favorite Salemites and they're not afraid to share. And while there were some common themes, favorites ranged from brand newcomers to long-time friends. But for everyone, their favorite seemed to have gotten under their skin and they seem to understand this character better than, well, the character him (or her) self possibly could. While we read and value every contribution, here are some that we thought you'd find particularly enlightening, or that we found particularly representative.

Christine of Calgary, Alberta's favorite? EJ DiMera.

My favorite Days character is EJ DiMera. My reasons for picking EJ go far beyond just his fabulous good looks and charm. When this character first came to Salem, he was portrayed in a mysterious and eventually sinister light. What has kept me intrigued with EJ is the complexity with which this character has evolved. EJ has shown us a broad spectrum of reasons to like him, hate him and feel everything in between. The emotional roller coaster this character has been on, striving to do the right thing, yet remain loyal to the DiMera name, is riveting to watch. EJ is at his best when he lingers between the shades of gray that we as individuals all possess. He is not meant to be a hero nor a villain. He is just meant to be a man searching for the best way to be true to himself without sacrificing his own identity.

Sami Brady (is that your real name?) all the way from Australia has an obvious favorite. Sami Brady.

Sami is someone I can relate to. I've watched her grow up from a girl into a woman. Her character is a joy to watch because she is bold, passionate, loving, a little wicked and fun. One of the things I love most about Sami is that she will do anything for the people she loves and her children are the most important things in her life. Sami has a huge capacity to love and yet she has never had someone chose her and love her above all others. For once I would like to see Sami get the guy she loves and for him to chose her and accept all of her faults. It's time for Sami to have some happiness.

Taya from Warwick, NY, has a favorite shared by many. Hope Brady.

Hope Brady is my favorite. Not only does she know how to kick butt as a detective on the Salem PD, while being a women...more power to her!, but she knows how to calm down and take it easy when it comes to her family at home. She's a great mother, an amazing wife that would do anything for her family and the people she cares about, yet she still has that side of her that no one wants to mess with. You do not want to piss Hope off, she can tear you apart. She's feisty. I love her character on the show...she's a mix of everything!

Hops from Vancouver also has a favorite shared by many, and this fave is a couple: John and Marlena.

My favourite Days character is actually a couple... John and Marlena! I was flipping channels one day and there they were and it was love at first sight. They were everything I always wanted a soap couple to be. They not only loved each other, they liked each other. They didn't play games with each other and they respected each other. They were gorgeous and passionate. They could melt the screen with just one look into each other's eyes. They were heroes who took responsibility for their mistakes. They were and are the best. John and Marlena.... a beautiful thing.

Ilona from Belgium love someone that others love to hate. Nicole Walker.

My favorite Days character is Nicole Walker. Why? That's an easy one. Her character touches me across the ocean! She seems to be pure evil, but she's not. Actually, she's still a little girl desperately searching for someone she can trust and love without being afraid of getting hurt again. And still, if she does something pure evil, its so easy to forgive her, because at that moment I no longer see Nicole, but I see Arianne appear and I think by myself; 'O, yeah, you're good, you go girl!' So for me, Nicole will always be my favorite Days character.

To know him is to love him. Robin from Charleston, West Virginia, sure does. Bo Brady, that is.

Bo Brady is my all time favorite character on Days. He is multi-faceted and adds just the right ingredients to be an all time keeper. He is a wonderful father, husband, son, and brother. He isn't afraid to show his emotions or get his hands dirty. I think he is the most believable character also and did I mention how HOT he was and is

Colleen from Chicago has one half of a super-couple as her favorite. Kayla Brady Johnson.

The character of Kayla is the quintessential Days character.....intelligent, capable, and devoted. She is a family person at heart....family and love come first....and she will go head to head with anyone over the person she loves whether it be EJ, Stefano, or my fav villain Victor. When Kayla is determined......everyone else better watch out!

And last but not least, Carolyn from Allen, Texas, has an all-time favorite. Alice Horton.

Alice Horton...just because she is the Mother of all time...without Alice there would be no Horton family. I really enjoy her short visits when she is able to be on the show. We love you Alice...and wish you the very best. Merry Christmas and hope to see you on the show sometime during the Holiday Season.


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