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Dec 16 2008, 07:52 PM
Dec 16 2008, 04:38 PM
All I will say is that I know people in the business. I'm not married to anyone in it nor am I part of the business but I do know people in it who pass on info to me at times.

You will just have to trust me (or not LOL) when I see Corday is the major issue here and that the rabid fans I speak of (for which people like you, Ellie, Tammy, etc are not part of) are a major contributor as well, which is why it gets mentioned by many as a reason for the problems at Days. Your concerns and the concerns of people like you are sensible, rational, and understandable. It's the concerns of the fans some of us speak of that are the problem. Please understand that I am not trying to lump you or anyone else here in with the fans I speak of. Yes, a good amount of them are as bad as I say but not all of them are and I just wish Corday would listen to those people (people like you, Ellie, etc) and not the people who are irrational nutcases.
It's not that I don't believe you. It just seems like a non-sequitor for KC to be doing whatever these rabid psycho J&M fans tell him when he's just fired Drake and Deidre. I'm sure there's a lot of back stage stuff going on, maybe he's fed up and had enough or waffling or whatever. It doesn't matter because in the end, J&M are gone regardless. It just makes me frustrated if J&M fans are being thought of so negatively because of a select few, and there's nothing J&M fans can do about it. A lot of the posts just mention rabid Jarlena fans as if it is all of us, and it seems my posts are always viewed as wanting J&M above all when I really don't. I enjoy the show more with balance and various good stories. It would be a pretty boring show if it were just J&M or any couple by themselves.

Thank you for the reply, and not considering me psycho. I'd readily agree I'm a bit crazy, but I'm not threatening by any means. At least not yet. :)
Unfortunately, I'm sure there are people who are psycho. And it's sad. But, I'm sure it happens with ANY fanbase. We don't know the kinds of letters, phone calls, and emails they get, not to mention folks who might even be hanging around the studio. It could be Corday's hand was forced by Sony. We tend to forget that Sony is involved in this as part-owner of Days.
Tim, thanks for the insight that you can provide. I trust you, because you don't tend to "throw your connections" around, so when you say you have information, it's probably a good bet it's reliable. ;) (And that goes for our other good folks here! Not like some at other boards who are full of crap and have been disproven time and time again).
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