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This week's SOD includes an interview with Ali Sweeney, where she discusses Sami's upcoming story.

Sami asks Rafe if he thinks the convent would be a good place for her baby. Rafe says "don't tell me you're thinking that" and asks her where she got the idea. Sami tells Rafe that Rafe is the one who told her about it.

Sweeney explains that Sami doesn't plan on permanently giving away the baby. Sami just wants to leave the baby there "to make it seem like it's not hers" and to "take the pressure off the situation". It's a temporary plan, and Sami just wants the convent to hold the baby until she figures out what to do and how to bring the baby back to Salem.

Sami wants to keep this baby a secret because, as Sweeney explains, "Stefano has made it clear that this is the next generation of DiMeras, and Sami was raised a Brady", and that Sami already has a child "who she has to fight for", and that Sami is so afraid for Johnny. Sami knows that EJ is willing to let Stefano be involved in the children's lives, and she doesn't want that for the new baby.

Rafe won't let Sami go to the church, and he tells her it's too dangerous. Sami sees the DiMeras as more of a threat than the killer, since Rafe will protect her from the killer. Sweeney explains that Sami is determined to carry out her plan, despite Rafe's warnings, because "it's the best plan she has and she has to go with it."
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