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Nicole is pushed over the edge this week as EJ's lingering feelings and Dr Baker's blackmail get to her.

"Nicole is completely desperate," says Arianne Zucker (Nicole).

When Dr Baker shows up at the mansion unexpectedly to get the cash he's been told he will receive for keeping quiet, EJ walks in and is surprised to see him. Nicole manages to wiggle out of the situation by telling a flat out lie: The doc showed up to ease EJ's concerns about her checkup.

Nicole gets Dr Baker alone and he turns the heat up on her. He says if she doesn't pay him by tomorrow the charade is over. In true Nicole fashion, she begs him not to tell EJ. Zucker says even though Nicole doesn't have the money she desperate to buy some time.

She goes into panic mode and calls Brady to the mansion asking him to lend her a million dollars to use as the payoff money. Brady is stunned with her request and says no. Nicole then goes around the mansion and finds an expensive looking vase. Then she calls Dr Baker and asks if he would take the vase as a down payment. He agrees for the moment and Nicole feels a little better because now she has some time to figure out a different plan of attack.

But her brief relief resolves when Roman and Rafe show up with Allie to arrange a web cam chat between Sami and her twins. EJ is very affected by this and Nicole can't help but notice. "Here comes Sami back into the picture," sighs Zucker. "Can things get any worse?"

Oh yes they can. Determined to keep Dr Baker from telling EJ she is no longer pregnant Nicole calls him and threatens to kill him. "She's so frustrated, that's what comes out of her mouth, she's desperate," Zucker says.

She later follows up by paying the doctor a visit still trying to persuade him to lie for her and stalling for time. "She has to find a baby," Zucker says. It's becoming a obsession."

Dr Baker again refuses to help her and she finds his cell phone and sees that it mostly contains women's names and numbers. Nicole thinks they must be prostitutes and now she has something to blackmail him with.

Nicole secretly meets with one of the women whose name in on his cell phone and she finds the woman is a pregnant teenager. "Nicole finds out Dr Baker is a baby broker," Zucker gasps. "She's got something on him now. She's one-upped him. He'll have to keep his mouth shut."

And there's also a bonus to Nicole's revelation: "Since Dr Baker is a baby broker he can help her find a baby to take the place of the child she lost."

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