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Dec 17 2008, 11:19 AM
Why would Days fire their biggest star, who they can't afford and don't write for, only to replace her with another actress they also can't afford and probably won't write for?
I have to think this is just an off the wall rumor/tidbit, whatever.

Why replace DH with another name if they didn't ask DH to stay for less money? or Why replace her if part of the reason we were given is that they want to go another direction with story?

Now IF they offered her a paycut and she said 'no', much as I don't think I personally could accept a new Marlena anymore than I'd accept a new John, I couldn't necessarily blame them for trying. I can't imagine many going for it, but what else could they do.

It doesn't make sense if they claim they're having trouble writing for Marlena, why not just hire a new character that has a clean slate, which is kinda why I thought they're thinking of keeping Charlotte vs. hiring an actress who isn't Marlena but inherits the history that seems to cause problems for the writers? I'm not sure, but I'd guess that many of the people who watch for Marlena are Deidre fans, so they wouldn't just suddenly love this new actress and dive back into Days. They've had trouble writing for one, but now they suddenly want two Marlena types? Not to mention, they don't want to write for older characters anyway....

Do they actually like the history of J&M, but not how tied the fans are to the actors? Are they thinking they could bring John and Marlena back, but as new actors, the fans wouldn't mind them separated, so they can make more stories for them or keep them around as parents to use occasionally (why would they even bother)? I have trouble thinking they even worry about story to this level.

I just have trouble buying this.
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