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*"Rafe risks everything to save Sami, is it because that is his job, or because he is falling in love with her? And if he does, is Sami going to return his love or come back to Salem to wreak havoc on EJ and Nicole? Is Sami going to keep the secret of the daughter she shares with EJ or use the information to stop their pending marriage?

Gee, let me guess. So many twists and turns!

*Pregnancy worlds will collide as Sami and Nicole both welcome babies into the world. There's a lot for EJ to discover, but will he at any time soon? His attention is on building the DiMera empire and embracing his dark side. Is his business going to be enough of a distraction to keep him from finding out about Nicole's baby?

What about Sami's baby? Seems to me EJ has more than one baby to find out about and more than one gigantic lie to discover.

*Philip is going to be releasing more and more of his Kiriakis genes as he begins to become dangerous and more of a target for both Stephanie and Melanie.

How does one "release genes"? Normally I would be excited to hear Philip is becoming more dangerous, but no thanks on him in a triangle with Stephanie and Melanie. Either my FF or my "off" button is going to get a lot of use.

*Marlena will fight for John's past and future.

Not much time left to do that, is there?

*Brady will do all he can to help Marlena and his father. He will also prove to be a hero to Nicole. Does he still have a place for Nicole in his heart?

Ok . . . I'm sort of interested in this.

*Bo and Hope are forced to deal with trust issues as Kayla's life hangs in the balance and only Steve's love can save her.

"Trust issues" in Dena's world probably means an affair. Why is Kayla's life in danger?

*Kate will have to choose between two of Salem's most powerful men.

Did Dena remember Stefano proposed to Kate? Is Victor the other?

*Chloe continues to plan her Valentine's Day wedding to Lucas while hiding her guilty feelings about Daniel.

The most unappealing triangle ever; I have no idea why Chloe would choose either of them.

*Abe, Lexie, and Theo will gain new ground in their fight against autism.

Haven't been interested in this yet, don't see it starting now.

*Max and Chelsea risk everything for love."

Can I hope that when Max risks everything, the gamble fails and he dies a tragic death from which even Rolf cannot save him?
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