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*"Rafe risks everything to save Sami, is it because that is his job, or because he is falling in love with her? And if he does, is Sami going to return his love or come back to Salem to wreak havoc on EJ and Nicole? Is Sami going to keep the secret of the daughter she shares with EJ or use the information to stop their pending marriage?

I just don't care about this storyline. I see no chemistry between Galen Gerring and Alison Sweeney, and I was one of those that thought they would chemistry together. I think it's a waste of money to have Gerring on the cast. He's not needed. So Sami's having another girl. That gives her two boys and two girls. She certainly should not have four children.

*Pregnancy worlds will collide as Sami and Nicole both welcome babies into the world. There's a lot for EJ to discover, but will he at any time soon? His attention is on building the DiMera empire and embracing his dark side. Is his business going to be enough of a distraction to keep him from finding out about Nicole's baby?

I'm glad EJ's going to embark on his dark DiMera side. I wish Lexie would do the same, but I think she will at some point.

*Philip is going to be releasing more and more of his Kiriakis genes as he begins to become dangerous and more of a target for both Stephanie and Melanie.

Like EJ, it's nice to see Philip is going to become more dangerous like his family. I hate that Melanie is still a part of this story. She's not needed! Give her her own storyline.

*Marlena will fight for John's past and future.

OMG! That's been the same fucking preview for them since last year's new year previews! I'm over it. Send them fucking packing. I don't even care anymore that they're leaving. They've been getting shit on this entire year. 2009 will be no different.

*Brady will do all he can to help Marlena and his father. He will also prove to be a hero to Nicole. Does he still have a place for Nicole in his heart?

Was this even worth mentioning? Everyone knows that in the end, after EJ finds out what Nicole did and dumps her, Brady will be waiting with open arms.

*Bo and Hope are forced to deal with trust issues as Kayla's life hangs in the balance and only Steve's love can save her.

What trust issues are there for Bo and Hope? And what the hell happened to his visions? Is that just a holiday thing that gets fixed before the new year? WTF! And are they really going to write a storyline for Steve and Kayla. Does anyone really believe that? Come on now!

*Kate will have to choose between two of Salem's most powerful men.

I'm assuming this means Victor and Stefano. What happened to Daniel? And why isn't her cancer being mentioned? Is she cured after the new year?

*Chloe continues to plan her Valentine's Day wedding to Lucas while hiding her guilty feelings about Daniel.

Poor Lucas. Can he just get a girl that loves him and only him?

*Abe, Lexie, and Theo will gain new ground in their fight against autism.

Like John and Marlena, they've been getting the same damn story preview all year since spring when Theo was diagnosed with autism. Give me something new!

*Max and Chelsea risk everything for love."

This is probably the only thing I'm looking forward to. I like Max and Chelsea together.

It looks like 2009 is just going to be as boring and stale as 2008 was. But at least this will be Higley's "own vision," and people will have to start blaming her and not everyone else for the fucking boring ass storylines that are being told.
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