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*"Rafe risks everything to save Sami, is it because that is his job, or because he is falling in love with her? And if he does, is Sami going to return his love or come back to Salem to wreak havoc on EJ and Nicole? Is Sami going to keep the secret of the daughter she shares with EJ or use the information to stop their pending marriage?

Not alot to go on here but I figured as much. Ali is likely to be MIA for at least a period (as small as it may be) and I think most of us know where this is going. I'm enjoying Sami and Rafe so I look forward to this. Not necessarily what I wanted for Sami a few months ago but I can deal. I'm glad she is at least having a girl. Bet that was Ali's idea too LOL.

*Pregnancy worlds will collide as Sami and Nicole both welcome babies into the world. There's a lot for EJ to discover, but will he at any time soon? His attention is on building the DiMera empire and embracing his dark side. Is his business going to be enough of a distraction to keep him from finding out about Nicole's baby?

EJ embracing his dark side is a good thing to here. I figure he will be conflicted and then when the truth does come out about Nicole and Sami, he will go into a downward spiral and go evil again with no regret. I think that is the plan here but we'll see.

*Philip is going to be releasing more and more of his Kiriakis genes as he begins to become dangerous and more of a target for both Stephanie and Melanie.

Good to hear about Philip. I want him to get that intimidation factor back. He hasn't had that since summer. Perhaps Jay wanted the character's edge back too and that was a source of tension. I no longer mind Melanie being a part of this because it's one sided. Philip can't stand her and I think she is just a thorn in their side. If she does get her claws into him, it will be by manipulation and forcing his hand.

*Marlena will fight for John's past and future.

*Brady will do all he can to help Marlena and his father. He will also prove to be a hero to Nicole. Does he still have a place for Nicole in his heart?

Goodbye J&M!! I'm ready. Moving on...

Brady...we already know that. Pointless preview.

*Bo and Hope are forced to deal with trust issues as Kayla's life hangs in the balance and only Steve's love can save her.

Here is what I think...Bo doesn't tell Hope about some of the visions he has so he doesn't worry her and something happens to Kayla and there is some conflict there with Bo and his family. Not sure about this. Glad Steve and Kayla are even mentioned and good to see Bo and Hope involved, although not surprised given Higley's fondness for them, but I will have to see how this goes. It doesn't sound like much at all and certainly doesn't sound like a Steve and Kayla story could come from this.

*Kate will have to choose between two of Salem's most powerful men.

Now this interests me ALOT. It has to be Stefano and Victor. I can't see who else even qualifies. I'm guessing Chloe and Daniel have sex and the truth comes out and Kate goes in a new direction. I'm shocked she is even mentioned. That might mean good things for her future. Love the sound of this. I hate that her cancer story was rushed to an end but whatever.

*Chloe continues to plan her Valentine's Day wedding to Lucas while hiding her guilty feelings about Daniel.

I'm looking forward to this. I have a feeling someone out of here is going to get cut though. I can see Chloe and Daniel having an affair and the truth coming out and maybe Chloe leaves with Dan (SC's contract is up soon) and maybe even Lucas leaves town. I just get the feeling all three characters here are expendable to the show so any of them can go. I'm just glad we have two weddings to look forward to. 2008 didn't have those kind of things going on and I love big events like that.

*Abe, Lexie, and Theo will gain new ground in their fight against autism.

Lovely but...what else?

*Max and Chelsea risk everything for love."

I'm ok with them so this interests me.

As usual, SOW's gives out vague spoilers but I'm surprised they have been doing these long-term spoilers again. I'm glad they are. Can't wait for the SOD ones, which usually give us a little more to go on. These don't sound too bad.
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