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These sound awesome. I am so excited!!!

First off, Kate chooses between two powerful men? Could it be Stefano vs. Victor?!?! OMG! I am so psyched! I have loathed sick Kate, and I look forward to her return as evil shrew! Kate Dimera has such a great ring to it! Is it too early to get excited for EJate, since Kate could move into the Dimansion? Am I getting to ahead of myself here?

Pisses me off that Nicole "gives birth" and Sami gives birth without EJ knowing, but interesting that she says Sami either gives in to her feelings for Rafe OR comes back to destroy Nicole and EJ. What about destroying Lucas and Chloe?
I still think that this is a Lumi reunion, not a EJami one. Time will tell. I am psyched!

I do think Brady will be Nicole's hero and something might happen with them too. I also think teenage girl will come back for her baby. There are so many possiblities, I love it!

LMAO about Phillip "releasing genes". Is that what they are calling it now? Look forward to bad ass Phillip and EJ....hopefully head to head.

The rest, I am indifferent to. I would like to see Steve again though.

Thanks so much for sharing!
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