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Thanks once again to an anonymous source!

For the week of January 5th - January 9th:

---Sami tended to sick Rafe, whose stab wound had become infected. When he became delirious, Sami tried to use the opportunity to call the convent. Hilda came by with a present and caught Sami. She warned that an impulsive slip could cost Sami and Rafe their lives. Sami didn't listen. When Rafe passed out, Sami slipped out. Meanwhile, Hilda came face-to-face with the killer.

---Nicole tracked down the young pregnant girl, Mia, and pleaded with her to reconsider. She agreed, but under one condition: she had to meet Nicole's fiancé. Nicole agreed, and called Brady. Brady showed up, but refused to pretend to be the fiancé in question. Mia told Nicole to forget it. Nicole took out her anger on Brady, who finally left, fed up. Nicole broke down, Mia saw her and took pity. Mia agreed to reconsider, but she still had to meet EJ.

---After Kate told Daniel it was over, he was ready to move on. Then Chloe and Lucas returned home to learn that Kate had planned their engagement party. Chloe assured Lucas she still wanted to get married, but she was still thinking about Daniel. Chloe was surprised by a gift from Kate – a dress for the party. She went upstairs to get ready, and Daniel followed. He helped her zip into her dress while advising her not to go through with the party. He continued to press her about her feelings for him and she finally gave in. They kissed, just as Lucas came looking for Chloe.

---Things continued to be testy between Stephanie and Melanie. Stephanie called Melanie out on her intentions to snare Philip. Later, things heated up between Stephanie and Philip, until he put on the brakes. In response, Stephanie slapped him. They argued, but quickly made up and it looked like they were going to make love, until they realized it would mean more if they waited. Kate, who has clearly turned over a new leaf, gave Philip and Stephanie her blessing regarding their relationship.

---Max and Chelsea ran into each other at Chez Rouge and tried to feel each other out regarding their "relationship." Max offered himself up as a date to Chloe and Lucas's engagement party, but Chelsea didn't think he was serious and showed up alone. She was shocked to learn Kate had ended her relationship with Daniel.

---Lexie brought Theo to visit Stefano.

**UPDATED 12/23**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Sami tends to a sick Rafe; EJ confronts Nicole about disappearing on New Year's Eve; Stephanie makes a discovery about Melanie.

Bo's premonition comes true when Theo is suddenly rushed to the emergency room after a bad fall; Nicole begs Dr. Baker to release the name and address of the girl who wnated to give up her baby.

Nicole agrees to go forward with the meeting between her fiancé and Mia; Brady confronts EJ regarding DiMera business.

John tells Charlotte he's decided to go through with the hypnosis; Mia tells a saddened Nicole that she'll reconsider her baby's adoption.

Sami takes advantage of Rafe's state to call the convent, but Rafe wakens during her attempt; Daniel presses Chloe to admit her true feelings for him.

**UPDATED 12/27**

Daily spoilers

Monday, January 5th
Sami takes care of Rafe; Nicole searches for Dr. Baker; Stephanie learns something about Melanie; Philip and Stephanie reconnect passionately; Lexie and Stefano get into an argument.

Tuesday, January 6th
Theo is rushed to the hospital; Bo continues to be disturbed by his visions; Nicole asks Dr. Baker for the name and address of the woman who wanted to give up her baby; Kate tells Daniel she wants to put their relationship on hold.

Wednesday, January 7th
Nicole asks Brady to pretend to be her fiance; Brady confronts E.J.; Lucas asks Chloe if she is having second thoughts about marriage; Lexie and Abe share an emotional moment.

Thursday, January 8th
Brady tells Mia he is not Nicole's fiance; John decides to go through with the hypnosis; Kate tells Lucas that she and Daniel are no longer a couple; Max and Chelsea run into each other at Chez Rouge.

Friday, January 9th
Sami tries to make a call to the convent; Daniel asks Chloe to admit how she feels about him; Chelsea discovers that Kate offered Daniel his freedom; John goes under hypnosis.

**UPDATED 12/30**

From Soaps.com:

The Week of January 5:

Kate tells Daniel that she wants to take a break from their

Nicole finds pre-nup papers that fall out of EJ's briefcase.

Hope convinces Bo to take a romantic break with her.

Theo must undergo surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

Max offers himself as Chelsea's date for the engagement party.

Thursday January 8:

Lucas loses it and punches Daniel.

Friday January 9:

John remembers seeing Marlena on a pier many years ago.


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