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Dec 17 2008, 03:31 PM
Slap me silly and call me crazy, but I love all of these!

So glad that Phillip and Stephanie are waiting to consummate! Can we get a little romance now?

Kate breaking up with Daniel? Really? Chloe giving into feelings? I love it!

Nicole/Mia? I'm sure it will play out desperately.
Sami/Rafe? I am interested to see where this goes...

Thanks for sharing!
I agree.

I did not think Kate would simply break up with Daniel. Wow...I thought they would hold on to that until the truth came out. Glad to see Kate turning over a new leaf but somehow I think an affair between Chloe and Daniel will bring her back to the "old" Kate.

The engagement party sounds great and Sami is going to be guilty as hell because it's likely her selfishness that gets Hilda killed.

The Nicole stuff continues to build nicely.

Lexie bringing Theo to Stefano is nice.

I like the Philip/Stephanie stuff but I agree about the rape. I don't think it's been forgotten because Stephanie flashed back to it on the train to France with Max. It's not something I want to be milked but given this is a new relationship, it should be mentioned.

Looking good overall IMO.
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