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Dec 18 2008, 12:28 AM
Dec 18 2008, 12:11 AM
LMAO @ this cover.

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"The Plan to Save Days #24,938! Salem will bloom again!"

Oh, Days...
It's nearly pathetic, lol. There were at least that many covers. And Ken Corday was right in there with the same old story, which by the way never ended up on screen, because if half of it did, they wouldn't have had so many of these covers, lol.
It really is and it's sad how many times the show had those covers and it never really added up to anything. I've seen GH and Y&R have covers like that once in awhile (actually, Y&R only once from what I recall) but Days has had them a ton. I wonder if they even notice how often they have done it and if they wonder why they've had to do those kind of interviews over and over. Hell, they even did them as far back as 1993 (that John/Marlena/Roman cover discusses big changes with the show's storytelling...I wish I could actually get my hands on that story to see what it entailed to compare it to now). They would have to be morons not to notice how often they've done this...oh wait...Corday :laugh: .

Thanks for this Jason. It's wonderful. Lots of memories. I especially remember Marlena's "death," her return in 1991, John/Marlena/Roman, the affair (one of my favorite stories), and I think John's "death" was their best story in terms of raw emotion and intensity since the affair so that is a favorite memory of mine too. I'm at peace with it but it will be surreal when they go, especially Deidre.
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