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Sandra Robinson shared a little bit of storyline info tonight on Buzzworthy Radio!

- She said her character was the one used by the writers as a way to write out Drake and Deidre. She said she heard they had to get rid of the characters by a certain date, and she went up to the executive producer and said, as she put it, "How are you going to get rid of these two amazing actors who have been the face of the show for so many years? How can you possibly get rid of them?" She said the EP "apologetically" pointed to her and said, "You're how." She said she doesn't think her character is "particularly evil" (she stressed this a few times), but Charlotte does have some issues, because she's reached a really bad point in her life. Robinson related that Charlotte "goes through one of these periods in order to let these two characters leave." Charlotte is going to go through a phase where she's going to need some "caretaking... in order to get her head straight." She said that Charlotte's father's death and the way Charlotte is affected by it is what prompts this. Charlotte "kind of goes a little bit off the deep end" dealing with "childhood wounds" that she has to relive. She said psychiatrists sometimes have trouble dealing with their own lives while they're able to help everyone else, and she sees that in Charlotte.

- There is a possibility that she'll remain in Salem after John and Marlena leave; she said she doesn't know yet. But she acknowledged that there is an opening for a psychiatrist in Salem, and she said she'd be "more than happy" to be that person. She said playing a psychiatrist is a wonderful role for an actor, since their characters can speak brutally honestly to other characters. [My comment: The sense I got was that perhaps this question might be answered when we see the storyline, and she couldn't give it away. I could be completely wrong on that, but that was my first thought, and it fit with what she said. At one point she said something like "the writers had big plans for Charlotte, but" but then cut off her own sentence.]
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