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Dec 18 2008, 01:42 AM

I like Sandra and it does sound like she may be sticking around, which I have no issue with. She gave up a bit too much detail for a character who is involved with two leaving cast members. Not to mention there is some major foreshadowing in her regard on tomorrow's episode.

I''m a bit miffed by the EP who told Sandra she was how they would write out J&M. That had to make her feel uncomfortable. I suspect that was Tomlin. I also find that using her to write them off is just lazy. I thought it would be more then that. I thought she would just be the catalyst and John did a good part of it on his own. You can tell the show is just down on J&M in general. They don't even care to put any effort into this at all. I'm ready for them to leave, sadly. It feels like ab albatross around the show's neck and it shouldn't be but the morons made it that way. I wish John had just stayed dead. Maybe something would've been different.
I've seen tomorrow's show and the focus has already moved away from J&M and to Dr. Taylor. I really don't care about her or her grief. It just made me wish it was over already. And seeing the rest of the show, made me realize how unlikable all the couples are, because they don't really like each other, in any meaningful way.

As to John and Marlena being an albatross....the idiots in charge are the albatross. It's their (the writers and producers) fault that they have no imagination to end John and Marlena on a high note. It is a testament to just how much they care. Well, they got me, I don't care either, about Days that is. I must still care about John and Marlena or I wouldn't be here talking about them, lol.
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