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You know, when Sandra did an interview in SOD recently she mentioned the resemblance to Marlena and kind of hinted at it meaning something . I know she isn't playing Marlena but it is coming off more and more like they are replacing her. Not exactly but in terms of position.

I mentioned that it reminds me of JTT on Home Improvement. Granted, he left on his own but the show was pissed at his leaving to go to school and how he went on to doing films instead. In this case, it's more like "bye Dee, don't let the door hit you!' They moved Charlotte into her office and now J&M are being used to further her character when they are leaving in a month and there is hints of her staying. It's quite obvious what is going on. I feel bad for Sandra because she is going to have to deal with this. That comment by the EP, as I said, was uncomfortable enough but now she has to be associated with all this and I just hope the backlash is directed at the show and not her. I like her and don't mind her staying. I just think the show is handling this all wrong.
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