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Dec 17 2008, 09:40 PM
:drunk: O.K. I don't need to read further. This show has been a guilty pleasure for me for as long as I can remember. My family mocks me because I watch a soap opera and always have. I don't give a crap. But, today I realized that (for some) when the quality is gone, it's over. I have put up with alot of crap over more than a 25 yr. lifespan. I used to lay on my Mother's tummy for my hour "nap" (lol) while she watched her "show".

Today did me in. They are using more hair gel than the entire country of Australia needs in one fiscal year. In one episode.
E.J. looks like his head was thrust into an oil refinery reserve depository and drenched until maximum saturation was achieved. Max looked like his balls accidentally made contact with his Christmas light display and he became permenantly damaged as a result. I must say, today, they did not put a lot of wierd bobby pins and mousse in Melanie's hair so , in fact, she almost looked normal. Nicole looked like a fucking moron that took out her retainer elastic from her mouth and made a Jr. High pony tail. Plus the other day she was wearing fucking fur. How Green is that NBC? You fucking hypocrites.
However I do digress. I have had it with Higley. I was waiting for the ratings to come out to confirm my suspiscions that she is a fucking idiot. But, guess what? The ratings are good! So the only conclusion that I can make is that I am insane.
For some unknown reason I , alone think that this show sucks beyond all words. Therefore I have the problem.
So, I'm not going to watch the show that was my favorite part of the day anymore. Because it is an abortion.
If the ratings are good I don't have a leg to stand on. There must be something wrong with me. :shrug: :puke:
I think the ratings are staying the same overall, but the demos are changing. I think they've actually lost a bit of their target demo female 18-49?, but are gaining in other categories like young girls and men 18+.

So if you're a woman 18-49 like me, I think maybe we're at least ok.

If you're in the other groups, wth is wrong with you! You should be loving this.
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