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Dec 18 2008, 01:07 PM
Dec 18 2008, 01:47 AM
Dec 18 2008, 01:36 AM
I will admit that it seems like Days is missing something. I'm not sure if it's Martha or someone else but I feel like there is a void and it's not just because J&M are leaving and the vets aren't getting play. I, personally, can't put my finger on it for myself but I know it's there.
The show feels like it's missing its center -- its heart. Days doesn't feel like Days to me anymore.
Unfortunately, I have to agree. I'm still watching because it's a decades long habit, but there's very little that interests me. DAYS was always a show that had a lot of traditional values--home, family, love, romance, commitment--and that's why I stuck with it when I gave up all the other soaps years ago. But now it feels stupid and sleazy and cold and sterile, and I barely recognize the show any more. I'm sticking with it because I always have hope that it will improve, but it's getting more and more difficult to sustain that hope. I could count on one hand the number of characters I care about right now...and none of them are in a decent storyline.

Someone earlier mentioned the "sweethearts" of the show, characters like Jennifer and Carrie and Belle. We have no one like that any more. Instead we have Chelsea, Stephanie and Melanie--none of which qualify. We used to have great young vixens like Eve and Sami, but now we have Melanie, a new character who a lot of people despise. Remember the great villiains and villainesses of the past, like Lawrence Alamain, Kristen, Vivian, Victor? Now Victor is barely on, Stefano's character is all over the place, EJ has been dumbed down, and Philip is too busy chasing interns to explore his true Kiriakis nature. Sami has been destroyed and replaced by Nicole, who I personally think is showing signs of character destruction at this point, mainly because part of the story is too rushed--example: the lack of any kind of personal insight when Brady exposed the young girl's scam--and part of it is dragging on too long. I don't understand why none of the people running this show can truly understand what the problems are, when it's so readily apparent to anyone who has watched it for any period of time.

The heart is mostly gone. And without it, what's to make us care enough to tune in five days a week?
You know, I was thinking about this, too, and I wonder if it's the good vibes and closeness that the cast had that's going away because they never know when the other show is going to drop. A lot of the vibe we felt, no matter how bad the writing, was because the cast, for the most part, honestly and truthfully got along and are (or were) great friends. I just get this feeling that maybe no one knows who to trust anymore, and they're just going thru the motions. We still get tiny pieces of warm fuzzies, like the Hilda/Sami scene (I kinda liked that), but they're so far and few between.
I think OLTL has spoiled me. When I think of the Christmas tree lighting scene from yesterday and how this balanced with the drama................There's too much yelling, snarking and other crap at Days and not enough of the tiny warm fuzzy scenes we used to get.
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