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Someone earlier mentioned the "sweethearts" of the show, characters like Jennifer and Carrie and Belle. We have no one like that any more. Instead we have Chelsea, Stephanie and Melanie--none of which qualify. We used to have great young vixens like Eve and Sami, but now we have Melanie, a new character who a lot of people despise. Remember the great villiains and villainesses of the past, like Lawrence Alamain, Kristen, Vivian, Victor? Now Victor is barely on, Stefano's character is all over the place, EJ has been dumbed down, and Philip is too busy chasing interns to explore his true Kiriakis nature. Sami has been destroyed and replaced by Nicole, who I personally think is showing signs of character destruction at this point, mainly because part of the story is too rushed--example: the lack of any kind of personal insight when Brady exposed the young girl's scam--and part of it is dragging on too long. I don't understand why none of the people running this show can truly understand what the problems are, when it's so readily apparent to anyone who has watched it for any period of time.


I totally feel like this show has lost itself. Sometimes, I wish Belle and Shawn would come back, and I hated Belle and Shawn for most of the time since they were SORASed.

I understand that shows change and that there's a need to focus on new characters after a while, but with Days right now...to me, they don't even have any new characters. They've got a bunch of people wandering around doing stuff (and each other).

The other element for me is the cast. The people they've hired and brought back lately are decent enough, but the people in the dominant storylines don't have the charisma to carry a show, and they don't have the charisma to pull off this kind of half-assed writing, imho. There's nobody left that I absolutely love so I'm willing to sit through stuff just to see them. James Scott seems cool, I don't hate Sweeney like most but she's not strong enough to overcome this pseudo-heroine Sami bullshit. Other than that...it's a bunch of people wandering around cheap sets talking at each other. Some of them are really attractive to look at, so I guess they deserve points for that.

It's bizarre because I watch OLTL every now and again (because of the Tess stuff) and feel more of a connection than I do with this show I've been following since 1996-7.
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