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Dec 18 2008, 02:36 PM
PhoenixRising05: I scanned that 6/22/93 interview you wanted to see, as well as a 3/11/97 one from Ken Corday. You can see them here: http://www.jason47.com/days/scans.html

Thanks so much, Jason. Your amazing! :smile: .

After reading that article, it's funny how the situation Days was in mirrors the situation it's in now only it had to cut some major players rather then just losing them. I think the plan outlined in that article is what the show is attempting to do now and what is needed for the show to move on. They did it in the 80's and they have to do it here and I loved Langan's line about moving away from the storytelling of the 80's. I like it but you can't box yourself in to a certain model anymore. Not when the audience has so many factions that want different things.

Also notice how Corday is nowhere to be found in the changes feature. It's Langan and Reilly and look how the show turned out. They had the same vision and were allowed to get that vision onscreen and the show took off. It's funny. Reilly and Langan worked amazing together but they sucked overall apart. It seems they balanced each other a bit.

I remember all that like it was yesterday. Days was so character-based and it was one of the few periods it veered away from supercouples and thought outside the box. Marlena infidelity (one of the best stories ever IMO), Bo/Carly. Bo/Billie, etc. I liked the line too about bring both old and new characters back and even recasting some previously mentioned ones. It's what they should do know. The show has lost heavy hitters in the past and usually followed a plan like this afterwards to stabilize. Time to do it again. Belle, Shawn. Carrie, Jack, maybe some more children of some beloved characters, recast some previous characters (Mike Horton, etc)...there is many ideas. That is the way to go IMO and there are ways to work all that within the budget.

Someone should send this article to Corday and tell him that this worked before and it would work again. This is the kind of plan the show should follow, with the key focal point being Corday staying out of it.
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