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Dec 18 2008, 08:39 AM
Dec 18 2008, 05:33 AM
Dec 18 2008, 05:16 AM
NYE 1997/1998 was great, not only the John/Marlena/Roman part but the party at Penthouse Grill too. Franco saving Sami from a mugger and then later paying the mugger off (of course) for a job well done, typical Franco :biggrin:
God, I couldn't stand Franco! LoL And it always bugged me the way Roman called him Frank-o.

I was so happy when he was gunned down by Lucas. That was an awesome scene! I remember it like it was yesterday. Kate was on the phone asking for Agent Raskin of the INS so that she could tattle on Franco, then as she turned around he was there with the fire poker over his head, ready to kill her with it. Awesome! And I remember the way her voice sounded like a toy with dying batteries as she shrieked over his body, LoL.


Why can't the show be like that again?
I loved Franco, he was a real schemer and con artist and not some wannabe like Patrick Lockhart. I hated the way Roman said Frank-o, but I loved the way Kate pronounced his name: FRANCOOO

That scene is one of the best ever.
OMG! It was amazing.

You know what sucked though? I never got to see what happened after that until years later. That episode aired the Friday before Labor Day and we had a horrific storm on Labor Day 1998. They never classified it as a tornado but I know it was. I looked outside my house and I swear I saw a tornado. It caught everyone off guard because we live in Central New York. No one had power for at least 5 days. Schools opened a week or two later then normal. It was chaos and I missed the aftermath of Lucas shooting Franco, never saw his car accident with Will, etc. That was the least of my concerns at the time but once things settled, I was pissed when I tuned in and felt like I missed a month. Thankfully, someone sent me the episodes but not until years later LOL.
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