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Dec 18 2008, 10:30 PM
OMG! It was amazing.

You know what sucked though? I never got to see what happened after that until years later. That episode aired the Friday before Labor Day and we had a horrific storm on Labor Day 1998. They never classified it as a tornado but I know it was. I looked outside my house and I swear I saw a tornado. It caught everyone off guard because we live in Central New York. No one had power for at least 5 days. Schools opened a week or two later then normal. It was chaos and I missed the aftermath of Lucas shooting Franco, never saw his car accident with Will, etc. That was the least of my concerns at the time but once things settled, I was pissed when I tuned in and felt like I missed a month. Thankfully, someone sent me the episodes but not until years later LOL.
Oh, that was good stuff!

I loved Kate scooting Sami's big butt across the floor and putting the gun in her hand, wiping off the fire poker, etc. LoL. So good! I also recall LOVING the peach colored dress that Lauren Koslow wore in those episodes -- it complimented her body very well.
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