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I think the partner swapping thing is blown out of proportion. Yes, they chemistry tested alot last year but that is because they went through so many frickin cast changes, regime changes, and backstage BS that we are lucky the show didn't split itself in two just to hash it all out. Since Tomlin came in, it's settled down and they have picked direction for the pairings so I don't see how the partner-swapping complaint is relevant now. Hell, it was never much of a big deal. It was the least of the show's problems.

Wow, direction for pairings that few people want to see. Everyone on here knows that I'm a diehard Chloe fan, so that is where my interest lies. They have bounced this poor character all over Salem this year and this is the crap they finally wind up with??? They went from one totally contrived and ridiculous pairing to an even nastier and sleazier pairing and because it has "direction" her fans are suppose to rub their hands in glee. Just when I thought they couldn't bring this character any lower, they have suprised me yet again. They took a character that could have been one of the future heroines of this show and turned her into the piece of "meat" in a sandwich of two unrootable couples. Nice!!

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