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Dec 20 2008, 10:46 AM
Dec 20 2008, 10:27 AM
This something I really donīt agree with. For years now Iīm most interested in the stories for the so called newbies or "B" characters while I usually yawn through the vets. The vets are played and done. I love to watch new romances grow, I love to watch stories when the outcome is not clear, I love to watch characters fighting with the obstacles when the ostacles have a real chance to destroy them.

Just look at the EJ/Nicol/Rafe/Sami/Brady story. Exactly how Higley said. it has so many possible outcomes. And the best thing is I can only quess, while if the same story featured some of the vet supercouple the whole story would be reduced just into frustrating waiting till the truth is revealed and the supercouple reunites.

Replaying the same story with the same characters for 20 years is not the best kind of entertaiment. Jarlena were fighting to be together 15 years ago. Do you honestly think someone will tune in to the show if she/he sees a promo where they STILL arenīt together? For me it just show how worthless and pointless watching the show is.

First, I completely disagree that the vets are "played and done." As long as the audience still likes them and responds to them, there's still gold to mine. It just takes a creative and capable writer to make it happen and weave the stories.

As for Higley writing stories with "so many possible outcomes," I think we're just watching the show differently. What you see as a flexible story, I see as a directionless mess with no vision or clear story path. Just the fact that you described it as the "EJ/Nicole/Rafe/Sami/Brady story" shows what a clustered, screwed up mess it all is. For me, anyway.

As for the new characters... different strokes. I'm not a big fan. If you are, that's great. I'm happy for you, LoL.
Couldn't agree more. Look at a show like the Y&R, which is number one in the ratings. They feature so many vets in front burner stories and it seems to work. Days is just too lazy or talentless (writing wise) to do this. The only thing they can think of to do for vets is to throw in a third party. J&M had the perfect set up for a great story and for some reason they refused to write it.
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