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Dec 20 2008, 10:47 AM
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Dec 19 2008, 07:41 PM
Daniel/Chloe? Max/Chelsea?

Is this REALLY supposed to make people want to watch, on Christmas week, no less? LoL
Why not? This atleast feels fresh and like the show really moved on. New couples, new stories, new era.

I think having the same people in the promo for twenty years still not able to reunite is not exactly the best way how to lure in new viewers.

I think it's almost impossible to lure in new viewers at this point. Life is too busy for most people to devote 5 hours a week to one television show, regardless of how well-written it is. Not to mention that people can find much more sophisticated storytelling elsewhere these days, because Lord knows 95% of the material daytime has to offer is a bunch of stale garbage.

The best chance they have at any kind of success is wooing back lapsed viewers from the past who have find memories of John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, etc. The vast majority of viewers -- even the new viewers -- have no interest in Daniel/Chloe or any of the other gag-o-licious new pairings.
This something I really donīt agree with. For years now Iīm most interested in the stories for the so called newbies or "B" characters while I usually yawn through the vets. The vets are played and done. I love to watch new romances grow, I love to watch stories when the outcome is not clear, I love to watch characters fighting with the obstacles when the ostacles have a real chance to destroy them.
I'm not sure how Chex or Daniel/Chloe qualify as "new romances". The former is a rehash of a failed pairing and the latter is like a bad porn movie.
It doesnīt matter. Chex are written as a fresh romance now. I donīt really remember or care what happened 3 years ago when they first tested them together. The only thing I remember is the infamous b***job.

As for Dan/Chloe, sex sells, thatīs nothing new. And thanks god someone at DAYS finally remember that. Couple planning a wedding together while the future wife/husband has the hots for someone else is classic soap and I just love watching all the parts clicking together for the inevitable catastrophe.

IMO, itīs 100 times better than DAYS attempt to pretend itīs a serious dramatic show with the Kateīs cancer storyline. Iīm very much enjoying it from the moment that angle was abandoned.
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