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Dec 20 2008, 10:27 AM
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Dec 19 2008, 07:41 PM
Daniel/Chloe? Max/Chelsea?

Is this REALLY supposed to make people want to watch, on Christmas week, no less? LoL
Why not? This atleast feels fresh and like the show really moved on. New couples, new stories, new era.

I think having the same people in the promo for twenty years still not able to reunite is not exactly the best way how to lure in new viewers.

I think it's almost impossible to lure in new viewers at this point. Life is too busy for most people to devote 5 hours a week to one television show, regardless of how well-written it is. Not to mention that people can find much more sophisticated storytelling elsewhere these days, because Lord knows 95% of the material daytime has to offer is a bunch of stale garbage.

The best chance they have at any kind of success is wooing back lapsed viewers from the past who have find memories of John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, etc. The vast majority of viewers -- even the new viewers -- have no interest in Daniel/Chloe or any of the other gag-o-licious new pairings.
This something I really donīt agree with. For years now Iīm most interested in the stories for the so called newbies or "B" characters while I usually yawn through the vets. The vets are played and done. I love to watch new romances grow, I love to watch stories when the outcome is not clear, I love to watch characters fighting with the obstacles when the ostacles have a real chance to destroy them.

Just look at the EJ/Nicol/Rafe/Sami/Brady story. Exactly how Higley said. it has so many possible outcomes. And the best thing is I can only quess, while if the same story featured some of the vet supercouple the whole story would be reduced just into frustrating waiting till the truth is revealed and the supercouple reunites.

Replaying the same story with the same characters for 20 years is not the best kind of entertaiment. Jarlena were fighting to be together 15 years ago. Do you honestly think someone will tune in to the show if she/he sees a promo where they STILL arenīt together? For me it just show how worthless and pointless watching the show is.

As usual, we agree.

I'm not going to say I haven't enjoyed any vet stories but most of the time it involves something out of the box as far as Days goes like breaking up a supercouple. john's death last year, for example. Finally you could do something with Marlena after years of her being John's lapdog and they go and reverse it and saddle her with that again. I like J&M but it just goes to show you the major issue with Days and why you can't use the "Look at Y&R, they use their vets and are #1" excuse. Y&R never bought into the same formula. They can breakup couples, have steamy affairs, do business and serious health stories that many Days fans call boring, etc. They can do all that. The writer actually has limitless possibilities. At Days, there isn't and that is why I can't go with the whole premise that all it takes is a "creative" HW. Sorry. Not going to happen. Even if we leave Corday out of the mix, what stories can this HW do that the audience will embrace with these vets that may bring in more audience? I always here people say it can be done. How? What stories? What would be fresh about them?

People ask for supercouple angst. They get it and hate it. Some even panic if the souple even has an argument. People don't want health or social issues stories. They don't like business stories. So, what does that leave? The same romantic adventures, kidnapping plots, etc that these couples have been through for 20+ years. I've watched. I've seen it. i love the vets but unless you can do something new with them (which is never embraced it seems), you aren't going to attract more audience, at least not in the long-term.

People complain about all the "partner swapping" (still don't get that) but the characters are involved in all that are the only ones you can actually do anything with and stir the pot with. You can't with the vets or you would have Armageddon LOL in that you would piss the boards off but also I don't think the ratings will respond to that because I think the audience we see now in the numbers is not dictated as much by the supercouples fans or long-time fans. I think many have already left and that is why I don't see J&M leaving having much of an impact.

Days trying to re-invent J&M with new John was clever because it gave them something fresh, despite the fact that I hated resurrecting him. It worked for awhile but the problem is I don't think the bulk of fans want to see a long- built up love story, especially with a couple who was already together and who the audience knows will end up together. Where's the suspense that comes from not knowing if they will make it? Nowhere because we've been down this road so many times with them and other couples, the fans know the outcome. That is the big issue and why the vets are hard to play. I won't say they are played out because they aren't but they are played out in the sense of what Days can get away with doing with them without being repetitive. I think they could do some things with Steve and Kayla and Tony and Anna but alot of the audience doesn't seem to care about them and that is the show's fault.

Just look at when Days had it's highest ratings. Of course, it did in the 70's but other then that it was when the couples were actually apart. Part of the appeal of the 80's and even the 90's is that even though you knew the rooting couple, you never knew if they would get together. That added to the suspense. That and you knew the story would be followed through. The vision was consistent and clear. No caving to RABID fanbases, no constant changes in direction, no having top assure fans in the mags that so and so will end up together, etc. They told the story and you went along for the ride. Now, most times people aren't even willing to take the ride. I understand the show burned people but no matter who is writing, more and more write things off based on spoilers weeks in advance or on day aheads. Oh how I wish we could back to the 90's where people actually tuned in and then tuned out if they didn't like it.

If people don't like what is going on, that's fine. However, I urge people to go read the scan Jason47 posted in response to me in the J&M tribute thread just to see that this has happened before. The situation in 1993 is almost exactly the same as Days now. Big vets leaving, a canvas in need of retooling, etc. It's eerie and many of the fans upset with the show now remind me of the 90's. People don't realize how many viewers Days alienated in the 80's and 90's. However, they did what they felt they had to do, something they need to do now. They lost fans back then but gained new ones in both eras and I think that is what they are doing again. They know people are unhappy but think this is for the best and I agree with the idea because it's long past time they did something like that. This constant go around of going back to the vets and telling the same stories over and over is not going to work. It may make some boards happy but it won't do a lick for the numbers. That much is proven. Now let's see if the show can actually stick to this plan because with Corday who knows.

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