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Dec 20 2008, 12:34 PM
Dec 20 2008, 11:03 AM

As for Dan/Chloe, sex sells, thatīs nothing new. And thanks god someone at DAYS finally remember that. Couple planning a wedding together while the future wife/husband has the hots for someone else is classic soap and I just love watching all the parts clicking together for the inevitable catastrophe.

It would be classic soap if someone in the story was sympathetic or rootable. As it is, they've just set up one incredibly superficial couple (Lucas/Chloe) to be destroyed in favor of another even more superficial couple. The story is all plot and no substance.
I see what your saying, Ponz, but I think you'll find that alot of people just don't care. Hell, some people watch soaps and primetime soaps for that kind of thing. They think it's hot and sexy. In these times of people having meaningless sex all over the place and a divorce happening every hour, I doubt this kind of thing turns anyone off. More like the opposite. How many times have people on the boards, in mags, etc complained that soaps get too preachy at times. Society has almost no values or morals now and I think this is a reflection of it. Soaps have progressed into this kind of thing now. I don't agree with it but it's happened because they feel like it's adapting with the times and I see their point. People don't want a lecture either. They don't want to see slow, sweeping romances and would rather see hot, steamy sex. I wish that wasn't the case but I've seen that response from enough people to see why TPTB think that to be the case. I think it's wrong but that's just me.

I won't say I don't enjoy their chemistry though.
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