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Dec 19 2008, 11:08 PM
What are the "right" boards?

Just curious which ones are right and who determines how right they are? What makes them right? What factors do you look at in determining a right board?

Well, I'm not Phoenix, but I can give you my assessment of "right boards".
YMMV, but to me, the right board is one that doesn't seem to cater to one fanbase or another, and allows open, honest discussion that doesn't resort to name-calling or cheerleading. There are some boards where a decent discussion is discouraged. If someone critiques characters or couples who have fanbases, often, the fanbases will swoop down like a swarm of locusts to cry foul or bashing or start following posters who give opposing viewpoints around like hyenas. Yes, there is some rotten bashing, but it takes good mods to know the difference between nasty bashing and insults and negative critiques based on opinions.

To me, posters on a good board don't try to focus on one character or couple, but rather, have input on the show as a whole and give their reasons why instead of doing a blanket bashing just because their favorites aren't on, and possibly, give reasons WHY. That's part of a good debate.

Good boards have fair moderators who stick to their guns about the rules, no matter who the posters are. They don't close a blind eye to reprimanding buddies if they need to go for the good of the board. And yes, I've had my hands slapped a few times at different boards, including this one, and I deserved it.

That's that! :)
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