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Dec 21 2008, 12:08 AM
I don't feel John and Marlena have reached their expiration date. There was plenty of story to tell. The writers and producers just chose not to play it or write it. Their story this year was started and stopped a few times. Marlena putting Stefano in a coma? John taking over the Dimera empire, John and Marlena growing closer. None of these were explored. All tied up in one or two episodes. That's lazy writing and to me has nothing to do with who the characters are.

In the end, I didn't expect a great story for them (is there anything great on DAys right now?) but I guess I did expect it to maybe focus on them. And ya, I do watch for Deidre and Drake, lol, and yes, it would only follow their fans would be the most upset. Watching a soap or any television show is a selfish pursuit. If other characters had been cut, I could understand how their fans would feel, but I wouldn't stop watching the show, I would probably feel as you do now. And I find it ironic that the writers have been unable to pin the character of Marlena down this year, but they seem to be writing Dr. Taylor very much like Marlena and seem to be replacing her before she has even left the building.

The biggest mistake happened when they brought John back alive. Somehow, the emotion of his death and funeral, brought some reality back to Salem. Marlena going up against Stefano could have driven the show for years. But the moment John turned up alive, all credibility was lost. John, with his 10 different character changes, had become a joke. Marlena finally had a chance to start anew, and then they ruined it. I guess I should have been more clear. There is and was still lots of story to tell for Marlena. But with John, everything has been has a been there, done that feel. Marlena had three strong romantic pairings on the show, she certainly could have found a new one down the line. For me, that would be half the fun.
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