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Dec 21 2008, 09:37 AM
For me, John and Marlena's struggle against Stefano has been more about family than either one of them just up against Stefano on their own. Without a stake, I'm not sure I can see years of story with either John or Marlena just going up against Stefano. It's about relationships and family to me. I do think this may be where Days has changed. It doesn't seem to be about relationships and family anymore (not just for J&M but for everyone), and if so, the show is just over for me.

I don't think that the way the writers have written John and Marlena poorly meaning no one can write them well. I can see so many ways this year could have gone. How different would this story have been if Stefano had planted 'anti-Marlena, anti-Brady' feelings in John? It was somewhat alluded to early in the story that Stefano altered John's ability to even feel. He programmed John to kill Colleen so it was definitely more than just memories involved. I wish we knew what Hogan had intended vs what played out. The story was wonderful in the beginning.

Everything on the show seems so geared to getting couples together asap versus taking time to set up and enjoy the story as it's playing out. I think if they just focused on stories and characters vs. a couple, it would be so much better for the show as a whole.
Totally agree with these thoughts.

And, I don't think John and Marlena / Stefano playing out their story this year is anymore repetitive then any of the triangle stories that are going on right now. I watched these same kind of triangles 20 years ago and they never end, they just bring in a new man or women for whoever and no one ever commits and it's why I've stopped watching most soaps. So to me, watching a couple overcome obstacles and still love each other and want to be with each other is a lot more interesting, because it's the exception not the rule. It's why I still care about John and Marlena and didn't stop watching, even when the writing sucked.
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