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Dec 21 2008, 01:17 PM
Certainly, the story has been handled badly. But, as a viewer, I feel like I have seen both John and Marlena presumed dead, suffering from amnesia, and brainwashed too many times for me to see anything fresh about them. The very idea that John would become a Pawn for Stefano AGAIN, and then Marlena would have to try to save John AGAIN, it's just been done to death. At the same time, if Marlena dealt with John's real death and had to try to keep her family together, while dealing with Stefano; that's interesting to me. There is plenty unexplored with that crazy and "complex" relationship. Either way, cutting Dee and Drake saves lots of money for the show and most likely not have any impact on the ratings. However, I find it kind of cruel when most of their stories did brings in the ratings in the 90's. But then, they got got paid a lot money for it, I'm sure :)

That would just make too much sense, wouldn't it? The John death repercussions. Ah, well.
John's death was actually very well done, and Dee Hall and MArtha Madison, especially Martha, did outstanding jobs. And I say especially Martha because it was such a pleasant surprise and something different for her.
That could have been such a beautiful storyline, and I will admit, although I found "Jawn" highly entertaining, the whole charade backstage was a crock.
And, to be honest (and at the risk of having people swoop down on me again), maybe the actors were getting tired of the same old same old? I'm sure they don't relish losing their jobs and would be willing to "take one for the team", but deep down inside, what if they DID want to do something new, with different actors and a whole different scenario? I'm saying this from the perspective of someone who considers herself more of an actor's fan than a character fan. If they're screwing my favorite actor over, I want something better for them. And, this might be a blessing in disguise for them.
And, who knows? Seeing them on different shows might just make me a fan of theirs again. Stranger things have happened. :D
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