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Dec 21 2008, 02:11 PM
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For me, John and Marlena's struggle against Stefano has been more about family than either one of them just up against Stefano on their own. Without a stake, I'm not sure I can see years of story with either John or Marlena just going up against Stefano. It's about relationships and family to me. I do think this may be where Days has changed. It doesn't seem to be about relationships and family anymore (not just for J&M but for everyone), and if so, the show is just over for me.

I don't think that the way the writers have written John and Marlena poorly meaning no one can write them well. I can see so many ways this year could have gone. How different would this story have been if Stefano had planted 'anti-Marlena, anti-Brady' feelings in John? It was somewhat alluded to early in the story that Stefano altered John's ability to even feel. He programmed John to kill Colleen so it was definitely more than just memories involved. I wish we knew what Hogan had intended vs what played out. The story was wonderful in the beginning.

Everything on the show seems so geared to getting couples together asap versus taking time to set up and enjoy the story as it's playing out. I think if they just focused on stories and characters vs. a couple, it would be so much better for the show as a whole.
Totally agree with these thoughts.

And, I don't think John and Marlena / Stefano playing out their story this year is anymore repetitive then any of the triangle stories that are going on right now. I watched these same kind of triangles 20 years ago and they never end, they just bring in a new man or women for whoever and no one ever commits and it's why I've stopped watching most soaps. So to me, watching a couple overcome obstacles and still love each other and want to be with each other is a lot more interesting, because it's the exception not the rule. It's why I still care about John and Marlena and didn't stop watching, even when the writing sucked.
[So to me, watching a couple overcome obstacles and still love each other and want to be with each other is a lot more interesting, because it's the exception not the rule. It's why I still care about John and Marlena and didn't stop watching, even when the writing sucked./b]

ICAM with this statement. This is the main difference between old soap viewers and new soap viewers. New viewers tend to be fickle and less invested in families, traditions, and the long haul. Thats why we vet viewers hate the bed hopping going on while the newbies love the adventure and excitement of sleeping around just because.

It completely disgusts some people, me included, that Max has been given so few female options onscreen that he has to date his cousins. It is awful that Days got rid of the late 20-somethings (Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Chloe, so that Phillip has to go looking at the sorority crew for dates. Brady's have always been about family and it would stand to reason that Caroline would and should have a problem with her son, Max, dating her grandchildren, Stephanie and Chelsea.

I don't think old time fans of the show like us should be discounted but indeed Days has. Instead of having a combination of vets and younger s/l's that bring all demographics in they have decided to concentrate on the younger demo and completely disregard their vet viewers. I don't have a problem with newer viewers not "getting" the couples thing with Bope, Jarlena, and Payla. I am sure they don't understand why we don't like the partner swapping that has been going on over the last 6 months. Tha being said, Days execs have not been successful in writing for both those crowds which is a lack of creativity on their parts, not viewers. But let TPTB go on as they have been as older viewers tune out more and more.

I'm not sure what you consider a new soap fan or an old soap fan, but what I find ironic is that many of John and Marlena's fans didn't even get into them until their second run. And these are young viewers. How many years does someone have to watch soaps for them to be considered a veteran fan? :) As a viewer since 1984 (which I'm sure means that I'm a newcomer lol), I am very big on family on the show. I love the Horton family, and wish we had more family members on the show and there was more family interaction. I'm still a big fan of Bo and Hope to this day. And if Peter and Kristian were cut, I would be just as upset as you are about Dee and Drake. I'd still watch though. I don't think wanting to see the end of John and Marlena the couple (especially since Marlena had two strong other pairings), ultimately indicates that you have a short attention span and only want random couples to sex each other up lol
I am not saying that J&M or the lack of them has to do with the short attention span of todays audience. The two are not related.

I am saying if other stories on screen interested me I would not be leaving with J&M. Some of us, and I can't speak for all of course, J&M fans got this way over time. I did not just start watching and routing for J&M. I have been with this show since 1986, so yes I am a vet, and I have sat through bad writing fads before. If there are at least two or three s/l's that interest you, you stay and grin and bear the rest. But never have I been so uninterested in not a single other story on screen before. Look around boards, talk to family members and frineds not on boards, this seems to be the case with a lot more viewers today, and not just J&M fans.

The most recent grin and bear it moment for me was Summer 07 when the show had the Vendetta that was Sami and Touch my Thighs (I mean the skies). I sat there and continued to watch and tape, not because of J&M because they were only on about 5 times and even then reading stupid letters about, guess who, Sami! I stayed because the Andre, Stefano, Belle, Phillip, Shawn, Chloe stuff was okay and interesting. Nothing is interesting to me right now. If it was just me, you could say, E83talus is simply being difficult but it isn't just me.

I am not going to get into who is a vet viewer or not, but I will say that those who watched pre 2000 saw a completely different show than now along with characters, their motivations, etc. My indicating vet viewers was simply to separate those viewers who may not know of the Brady (blacks included here), Horton, Kiriakis, and yes Dimera family histories and traditions. These things and character driven stories, IMO, have not been the same since around 2000.
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