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Dec 21 2008, 06:39 AM
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The biggest mistake happened when they brought John back alive. Somehow, the emotion of his death and funeral, brought some reality back to Salem. Marlena going up against Stefano could have driven the show for years. But the moment John turned up alive, all credibility was lost. John, with his 10 different character changes, had become a joke. Marlena finally had a chance to start anew, and then they ruined it. I guess I should have been more clear. There is and was still lots of story to tell for Marlena. But with John, everything has been has a been there, done that feel. Marlena had three strong romantic pairings on the show, she certainly could have found a new one down the line. For me, that would be half the fun.
So John and Marlena have "reached their expiration date", but Marlena and Stefano "could have driven the show for years"??
Yes, I believe that is what I said :)
LOL. :D Mikegoldy, you bring up some very good points. I think a lot of it is, too, that quite a few people enjoy John and Marlena SEPARATE from each other and individually, they probably have a lot of story to tell. Now, I'm solely basing this on boards I go to that tend to take a more general Days' viewer approach to things, including comments from this board in the past, all lumped together. I think some viewers just get tired of them being tied to one another. Thus, there is sometimes (dare I say often?) a lot of interest when John takes on a new love in between his reunions with Marlena. Quite a few people like Marlena more when she doesn't need to be rescued by John or gets all breathy over him. (yes, you read it right. I said it. Sometimes I think Dee overdoes the breathy ingenue thing in love scenes. It's not an uncommon assessment about her acting.) When she gets kick ass with Stefano, when she's seen as a psychiatrist or a friend (when John's not around), she does better. When John's around, it seems she can think everyone else can go to hell.

If there really was a lot of story to tell, as much as some people complain about them NOT telling "their story", don't you think they would have found something? Besides the usual complaints about the writers, isn't that saying something that they haven't written more? I would love to see totally new storylines involving them separately, not together. I might actually become a Marlena fan again. She was my favorite character years ago, then I quit watching around the time of the Pawn, so I never saw this wonderful gushy romantic stuff. All I know is, when i started watching again in 2005, my favorite character was a sad parody to me. That tough strong doc who lived through the heartache of losing a child and a sister became a simpering "heroine" who always needed to be saved. The thought of this character being a psychiatrist and having her mind altered almost as much as her paramour's mind was altered was a little too much for me. This psychiatrist, who works with other people's minds, has had amnesia, was possessed, and apparently brainwashed (I don't remember the reasoning for her being this stupid killer), AND came back from the dead. Not a glowing recommendation for her to give mental advice to other people! At the very least, I would have LOVED to seen her getting help from someone else. They do that, you know. Mental health experts get help from each other. Ministers seek counseling all the time to be able to handle what they do. They have to. And for Marlena to be the soul rescuer of John and his mental state all the time? I've read complaints about the "J&M" story since Reilly's second round. And for all the altars built to Sherri Anderson, we don't know that she wouldn't do the same thing to them. Writers don't always get what they want, either. (and we don't know that Sherri wouldn't push new couples to the forefront like she did in the 80's.)

Anyway, Mikegoldy, you have summed up stuff that makes a lot of sense for those of us who aren't necessarily anti-Marlena. I like your style! :wave:
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