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Dec 20 2008, 10:38 PM
If Max is written off, I think it will be because DB wants to leave.

And I think you and I got or heard the same tidbit, OBK.

I have a feeling it depends on if the pilot gets picked up, though. If he leaves, I would bet they would recast because that would leave Chelsea without a love interest again.
Max isn't much of a love interest anyway.
That's only because, like many other characters on this show, he's had multiple personalities.
You can say that again.

Every writer has had a different vision and the character has suffered. I like Darin and feel like Hogan had something going with him and Abby. It's a shame that didn't materialize. I remember being so shocked when they brought him on. I never thought we would see or hear from him or Frankie again.

I like goldy's idea of bringing Jeremy on. I think the show needs to bring back some familiar names within budget so bring Jeremy back a reformed many but still with an edge and with a better actor. The Horton family needs re-replenishing. We really don't need anymore Brady's.
Yep, I think the budget can handle a talented newbie actor to play Jeremy Horton, and early thirtysomething woman to play Sara Horton. It could really bring the Hortons back into focus, with Maggie as the new matriarch :)
Definitely can sign me up for that.

I nominate Emily Harper for Sarah Horton :biggrin: .
Emily Harper would be great! lol In my wildest fan fiction mind, even though I often thought Sara would be a Dr to follow the Horton legacy, I ultimately saw her as a lawyer like Mickey, who would clash with EJ at every turn. Sort of a modern day
Mason and Julia from Santa Barbara. You could also pair Sara with Rafe or Brady. Lots to do for the character. Anyway, back to poor Max lol
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