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Dec 21 2008, 08:10 PM
The problem with couples like Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, and Steve and Kayla, is that they have been written to be "soulmates," and how nothing can ever come between their special love. And that is fine for a movie like Titanic. There is a beginning and an end. But unless you are sold on one of those particular couples, there is absolutely no suspense or enjoyment for those of us who know they are going to be eventually reunited. Why bother watching if I know the ending? The writing for the John and Marlena story has been awful. I don't blame their fans for being upset about it. I don't think John should have ever come back. But since he did come back, it would have been interesting to think that maybe John and Marlena would NOT have gotten back together. John would forever be changed, and Marlena would have to accept that the man she loved was gone. They could have been paired with new people; had viable romances. You better believe that as soon as it appeared as though John and Marlena were NOT getting back together, that is when the most people would want them to reunite. Hell, if it really looked like that John had fallen in love with someone else, and that Marlena had truly moved on and found someone new, that is the moment when I would have remembered how special they were together and possibly rooted for their reunion.
I don't need that or want that. I still don't understand why couples must all break up and be with others to have a story. There are other ways to go. Or they are kept apart in different ways. This year, John was a different person. Maybe Marlena would have to go a little darker, something would happen, and she would need to make certain choices. Maybe they needed to work together to bring Stefano down, she would have conflict with that. It would affect her family. Maybe J&M would pretend to divorce but the audience knew they were working together. There are so many different things they could do. I don't think a third party is always needed. Who says adventures have to end? Life is different every day. Suspense to me is not about will this person love this person or not. The suspense is in, can they overcome this obstacle....the conflict is in the story. We will have to agree to disagree, lol. I just don't enjoy couples always moving on. It bores me. I like to be emotionally involved. I don't need to see them fall in love with anyone else.

If there had to be some kind of third party, for John and Marlena at this point and with the story as it had been set up, or could have been set up....after John had 'died', Marlena could have been the one to marry Stefano (no sex) to save her family. John comes back, and she has to protect him and maybe he still has amnesia, and Stefano prevents her from telling him who she is, but they spend time together and fall in love. Maybe John really is Roman and this 'Roman' in Salem right now, was a 'pawn'. There are so many ways they could have gone. There was story there. I know so many people who had some great ideas last January of where this story could have gone. But for some reason, TPTB (whoever) just didn't want to go there.
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